Wednesday, May 13, 2009

7 - accidental fasting

Today was meant to be a 'normal eating' day, but fate had other plans...

I woke up at 7:15am, but my body protested, so I skipped the shower and slept for another 30 minutes. You'd think that would be enough. Nope. Another 10 minutes. Another 10. Now it was leaving time. Erp. So I flung on an outfit and slicked back my hair (it helps when it's already self-coated in three days worth of grease - yum) and then looked for something 'grab-n-go' from the kitchen. The best I could do was to nick some of my lovely almond-coconut muffins (that's what I'm calling them, since no one but me can pick the cocoa element it seems...) from the freezer, buzz them in the microwave, dip the bits in cream and scoff them. Hiccup central. I haven't had the hiccups since cutting out grains at the beginning of the year. I don't miss them.

So, hmm, muffins for breakfast. Not as bad as toast though, as they are low-carb, nutritious, and filling!

Lunch - I had my crab and leafy salad sitting in the staff fridge, along with another muffin. I sat down to eat my lunch, opened the container of crab, and noticed a certain smell. I sniffed the crab but couldn't really smell anything, so I tossed some into my salad. The smell was now much stronger, and others around the table asked if it was off. The package said - "Best Before June 2010"... But within a few seconds the stench was filling the vast staffroom, so I got up and tossed the lot into the bin. That left - yep, the muffin. I skulked back to my desk to consume what would appear a frivolous lunch in private.

So by the time I arrived home and popped a chook in the oven, my running total for the day was: 3 muffins, 1T cream. Healthy! (Well, yes actually...)

I made up for the lack of variety during the day with this:

Aw yeah. Chicken smothered in coconut oil and coated with fennel seeds and rosemary then roasted (I took the drumsticks and wings, the beau gets the breasts - skin removed and eaten by me, of course), roasted zucchini, fried haloumi and mushrooms, and sautéed red cabbage and spinach.

Despite my 'treat'-heavy day, I've ended up under 1400kcal, 20g net carbs, and a healthy dose of protein despite the unusual absence of eggs. Feeling great!

I spent part of today looking into the 'warrior diet', the basic premise being that we shouldn't eat during the day as it interferes with other organic systems, and should instead eat one big meal at night. The past two days have proved that my energy is not as dependent on breakfast as I thought it to be, so it might be worth an experimental test-run, swapping my cyclic intermittent fasting with this regulated system. If the science is there, then I'll be doing more research to see whether the claims of the warrior diet are substantiated.

Until then, I'm hitting the hay - tomorrow's schedule is not pretty; teaching all day without a break, then 3 hours of rehearsal, the last real rehearsal until showtime! There's only the tech run and the sitzprobe between us and the dress rehearsal, which has an audience of primary school kids. We're so ready, but everyone wants me to look nervy and pull cute 'eep!' faces when they delight in reminding me how close the opening is, but whatevs. I'm a drama queen, I can fake a nervous breakdown as good as anyone!

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