Thursday, May 21, 2009

A success!

Opening Night rocked their socks off!! The jury's still out on whether their remaining undergarments remained intact...

Today turned into an accidental 21 hour fast, after I chose a sleep-in over breakfast (again), and didn't have time to eat my sad little bowl of FibreX (it's like porridge made of almonds, amazing! Almost primal, too - just a bit of whey protein and polydextrose) until the school day ended. Then I trotted off to work on lighting - a process that took a good couple of hours, much longer than expected, but very much worth the effort.

I then headed to the 'dinner room', where I downed a bit of cold, shriveled roast chicken and some barely nuked broccoli and cauliflower. I would have spent time heating them up but it was weird being so far from where my cast was getting organised, so I ate quickly.

And then it was showtime!! What a success! I look forward to the back-slaps from staff as they get to see the show over the next two weeks :)

But on the nutritional front - oops.

Spark tells me I consumed a maximum of 368kcal, 6g carbs, 15g fat, and 46g protein.

I'm not even the slightest bit hungry though, which can surely be attributed to adrenaline.

Better have a big breakfast tomorrow!! Dang, I'm all out of bacon...!

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