Thursday, May 7, 2009

Today's Tucker - 7/5/09

Breakfast - The Usual, with a generous side of bacon. Ate it at 8am, and it kept me going until well past 9pm, when we finally arrived home after seeing Star Trek at IMAX. Yep. Star Trek. Dragged along to the opening by the beau, but it is admittedly a great film, especially if you read the lead-up graphic novel (yes, he made me read that too).

Grilled up some tasty lamb forequarter chops and sautéed red cabbage and spinach for dinner, and am now snacking on almond and macadamia nuts, and sipping my T2 sencha earl grey tea.

One more day of school, then rehearsals all day Saturday, and - oh my word - a day off on Sunday??! I forget what those feel like! I'm going to go to Macro!!

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