Friday, November 20, 2009

Another Day Playing "How Many Animals?"

Breakfast: Sheep meat & cow milk

Dinner: Pig meat & chicken ova

Just call me Young McDonald... :)

And to herald the arrival of a luxurious weekend of mild weather, after another week of unseasonably hot, humid days and nights, here are some online articles and blog posts that appealed to me this week:

Don Matesz posted his second review of The Vegetarian Myth, this time breaking down Keith's argument detailing the misconceptions held and propagated by political vegetarians. Another must-read and a great one to forward to friends who lean away from the realities presented here.

Mark Sisson tears the grain advocates a new one - share it with your healthywholegrain-loving friends!

Very little on the Internet has excited me as much as the promise of an online show demolishing diet myths, starring a true academic, Dr. James Carlson. I haven't watched the first episode, but just his promo has me tingling with excitement!

Finally, Mark Sisson responded to the reader question, "Is the Primal Blueprint a kind of asceticism?" Particularly when I limit my food consumption to animal products, I'm asked whether I get bored, or whether I miss certain "tasty" foods. Of course, I don't. Meat is my favourite tasty food, so I have come to realise. As much as I can enjoy other flavours, meat by itself entertains my palate, and with such a wide variety of meat out there, who gets bored? When I first found the pack of ZC-ers that live on ground beef and water, I did think that the lifestyle is nothing but asceticism, and given the way the individuals report their lives on the Zeroing In On Health forum, I suspect that it is the ascetic nature of the lifestyle that appeals to a lot of them. Not having to worry about food, food as nothing but fuel, eating one meal per day, quickly... But at the same time I'm sure there are beef & water folk who enjoy every single plate of beef. I can certainly relate to the idea of finding water delicious - I love the stuff! Fresh, cool, crisp water is all I will drink. I drink tea in cold weather for the warmth more than the taste!

And with a lovely, fatty rack of pork waiting for me to cook up and savour tomorrow, how could I ever call my way of eating a pleasureless existence?! I'm already drooling at the thought! I'll be popping it in the oven first thing in the morning, and it will be my one meal of the day since I doubt I'll be able to stop at just one or two chops. And all that crackling...


Roster: said...


Impressed by your eating habits... In fact a have a few questions for you about them - would love to get an email from you (couldnt find your address)



Jezwyn said...

Hi PK,

I'm more than happy to answer any questions via comment discussion, but if you want to chat privately, you can email me at :)