Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Shaking & Flaking

This hot weather has really knocked me for six. I've been waking up early every morning as well, so while I cope through the working day just fine, the minute I get home, my system tries fervently to fall asleep in whatever position I happen to be in. I'm avoiding the hammock of late since I fear I will instantly nod off, and wake three hours later with sunburnt legs and nauseating dehydration. Tomorrow promises to be a touch cooler, thank goodness. In the meantime, the shakes have works wonders at keeping me cool, although in the overly air-conditioned staffroom, supping on a chilled drink is quite painful! I wonder how many of us will be down with 'flu before the week is out. Well, not I, of course, with my vitamin D supplementation and all! Since every second study/article of late reports on the importance and value of vitamin D, I'm so glad that it has been part of my daily regimen for months now.

Today I shook it up for breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea, and for dinner I threw a pile of meat on the grill whilst I hid in the air conditioned bedroom.

The photos of my plate turned out quite oddly unappealing (the photos took on a green tint in the centre...), so here's a quick montage of two past dinners that, when combined, equate to the amount of meat I tried to chow down this evening:

Served up - one scotch fillet steak, and one lamb forequarter chop (both organic & grass-fed). Flaked on finishing the chop - just couldn't do it! Well, I probably could have stuffed it down, but I was quite satisfied with what I had already eaten, so why waste the calories? I finished the lamb, of course: I don't waste lamb, I'm Australian!


Cave Chick said...

MEAT! Yum!

I've got some excellent paleo recipes if you are interested!

Jezwyn said...

Yes, I've seen your site, and I've also seen all of those recipes before, in their original places of publication. fair enough if you want to build an online collection of recipes, but it would be polite to give credit where it's due. Share the link love.

Anonymous said...

hey! good for you! I've eaten paleo for many years, cured my daughter of excema. Anyway, just wanted to say about meat portions. I find that me and many women do fine on what fits in a cupped hand.

Jezwyn said...

Thanks for the kudos, Anon. I like to eat much more meat than that, especially since that's all I eat. In terms of pure lean protein, a palm-sized amount (150g) is heaps, but I get fatty cuts of meat since it's healthier, so that means my meat is going to be larger and heavier just with the fat included. I'm also big boned, so my body craves more iron and other nutrients, as well as macronutrients, than the average women.