Friday, November 6, 2009

Dinner for Breakfast & Breakfast for Dinner

Breakfast: scotch fillet steak - again! Served it up with butter to get my fat intake up.

Lunch: the leftover chicken breast from last night's dinner.

Dinner: First I "enjoyed" an egg protein shake with cocoa (I can still taste way too much eggy-ness and sweetener), and then whipped up a plate of bacon and eggs to kill the after-taste.

TGIF! I need sleep. What a week. At least I'm still sitting at my lowest ever weight, even after my successful re-hydration efforts. Feeling great! But sleepy.


BobH said...

Your comment...
"First I "enjoyed" an egg protein shake with cocoa (I can still taste way too much eggy-ness and sweetener)"...

I’ve used Optimum Nutrition’s Chocolate for a long time, over 6 years. In the past, I used it with skim milk until I decided to go low carb last January.

For breakfast, I now take 2 scoops with 1/2 cup of coconut milk, 1/2 cup of heavy whipping cream and 1/2 cup of whole milk. And it’s delicious!

1/2 cup coconut milk = 28.6g FAT
and medium chain triglycerides (14:0 and 16:0)

1/2 cup of Whipped cream = 44g FAT
and longer chain triglycerides (16:0 and 18:0)

Coconut also contains some very beneficial properties (anti-viral and anti-fungal ingredients)

and I like the taste!

Anonymous said...

Hello Primal, that food looks and taste great. Hey by the way how many calories do you take a day? Because do you take into consideration the number of calories you take? I know that under low-carb diets our metabolism is a lot faster, but i would like to know if you count amount of foods and calories u eat !!

Thanx and have a nice day :-)


Jezwyn said...

Hi Bob,

I'm trying to be as dairy-free as possible, especially since the Six Week Cure demands you to limit dairy during the meat weeks. My system doesn't tolerate coconut milk. I can cope with coconut oil though, so I use it for cooking. I just took two tablespoons of the stuff in my scrambled bacon and egg breakfast, mmmmmm! But yeah, I'm not left with many options when it comes to protein powders and mixing them into shakes, hence my experimentation with egg protein.

During the shake weeks, I was very happy making my shakes with pure cream - delicious!

(Why on Earth do you capitalise FAT like that?)

Hey M-S,

I track my calories for interest's sake, but I know that it's not the be-all and end-all to fat loss, so I'm not too obsessed. I just eat until I'm full, if it's a protein & fat meal.

Low-carb does not speed up your metabolism - the metabolic advantage is the hormonal balance of lowered insulin, which allows for fat burning. The only thing that can boost metabolism is the development of muscle mass.

I tend to lose fat whenever I shake up my eating routine, whether that's meat-only at 2000kcal+ per day, or protein shakes at <1500kcal per day. I'm currently keeping my average intake at around 1400kcal per day, but the occasional high-cal refeed helps ensure my system does not adjust and lower my metabolic rate.

Remember, caloric intake is irrelevant outside of context. What works for me may not work for you, and may not even work for me in a week's time if I change the composition of my diet or I lose more fat. My gender and build and lifestyle all play a huge part in how much food I need.

If you try a ketogenic diet (very low carb, or zero carb), you don't have to worry about calories, in my opinion, since the protein and fat will fill you up, and adequate intake of liquids will help reinforce satiety. It's so easy, unless you're a very active person (and may therefore need more carbs).

Anonymous said...

Hello Jezwyn and other low-carber friends: Hey by the way whey protein powders are getting expensive. The one BobH uses "Optimum Nutrition" is also rising in price. I buy Body Fortress Whey Protein Powder, at Wal Mart and they are so stingy that they don't even sell the 5 lbs. big tubs anymore. How evil and corporatist profit oriented. Well it must be that the economy is bad and the US Dollar's buying power is weaker, and that's why meat, chicken, eggs are rising in price.

Well anyways, talking about the amount of food, you are right. We should eat until we satiety.

I bought 4 turkeys today because they were at 40 cents a lb. at Wal Mart.

Anyways take care, have a nice day