Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pigging Out!

A day of feasting on porcine treats - to health!

Breakfast/Lunch: A delicious rack of pork, with a heady layer of crackling to boot!

No, I didn't manage to down the whole lot! I ate the crackling first, then the fatty parts of the chops, and then a tiny bit of lean before I was stuffed! What an indulgence!

Dinner: I wasn't expecting to be hungry again, but around 5pm I felt a sensation that wasn't quite hunger, but was suggestive that I would be some time while I was out in the city, and I didn't want to have to resort to fast food... So, I grilled up some tasty tasty bacon, and tried my experimental purchase of the week - Bertocchi's Italian Pork Roast, Porchetta-Style. Oh my word. Pork roast, salt, and spices. That's it. A thick layer of fat. Tender, perfectly prepared meat. I'm in love!

And there's more in the fridge for tomorrow...

So with a belly full of Porky, I'm off to the theatre in my best, slim-fitting dress! Take THAT, conventional wisdom!


Grok said...

I have to admit, that looks pretty darn delicious!

Elizabeth. said...

"Take THAT, conventional wisdom! "


That pork looks awesome. Yum! xx

mellie said...

Oh that looks goooooooood!!!!

Anonymous said...

DEAR JEZWYN: I think what u said about the high intake of protein while doing the low and zero carbohydrate diets leading to anabolic-state is very true, because today at the gym i felt stronger, and i gained strength.

I am realist, i am not doing the zero-carb diet because of the grams of carbohydrates i take from the whey protein powder i use in my protein-pancakes. However i think i only take about 15 grams of carbohydrates a day which is pretty good, i even quit eating green vegetables since actually all vegetables (including green-cabbage) do have carbohydrates. Specially brocoli. A 2 lb. bag of frozen-brocoli has 250 calories of carbohydrates. And 250 calories of carbohydrates is indeed lots of carbs.

Take care :-)