Thursday, November 12, 2009

Nailin' It!

Despite the continuing hot weather = continued avoidance of my daily walking to and from work for the sake of keeping my work clothes free of sweat-stains, I'm choosing to look at the positives!

1. I'm still losing fat, and am 14kg lighter than I was this time last year. I'm less than maybe 6kg away from what might be my ideal, slender weight!

2. My waist measurement is shrinking, and it is almost 6 inches narrower than this time last year.

3. I'm really enjoying my shakes, as they are refreshing and make achieving a caloric deficit comfortable and simple. I have finally perfected a recipe that allows me to enjoy the leucine-heavy, digestive-enzyme-free DIY powder mix, so that has boosted my nutrition without sacrificing my digestive comfort (i.e. nausea) and pleasure. To achieve this, I mix 1 scoop of the new mix with 1 scoop of the vanilla Whey Factors powder, add 1/2 teaspoon of pure cacao powder and a tiny pinch of stevia. Then I add one or two tablespoons of cream (depending on whether it's pure cream or just heavy whipping cream), and blend well. Yum! That was breakfast today, after playing it safe and quickly packaging up two plain vanilla Whey Powder & cream shakes for work.

4. I look forward to dinner every night, and, even though the kitchen is always humid in the late afternoons, I am inspired to get creative again!

It had been a while since I had made burgers that were more than plain meat and eggs, so I decided to go the whole hog tonight. No bun, of course, but with 'the lot' of everything else low-carb: tomato, cos lettuce, fried eggs, and bacon! I had to skip the bacon for the sake of calories, but I made up for it by spicing the burger meat to perfection. I took 600g grass-fed beef mince, added two eggs, and added about a teaspoon each of thyme, parsley, cumin and hungarian paprika. I divided the mix into four patties, placing two on the grill (hot and greasy from cooking the bacon) and two in the fridge for tomorrow.

My simple-yet-delicious serving:

The beau's bacon mega-burger:

I'll be cooking up the two leftover burgers for dinner tomorrow night, to be served with fried chicken fingers... Curious?? The recipe will come tomorrow!

While you patiently wait, I highly recommend Don Matesz' review of The Vegetarian Myth - he explains Keith's ideas elegantly and understandably, making his post the perfect primer to send to friends & family who aren't likely to commit to reading the whole book. This review is the first in a series covering the chapters of the book, so check back soon.


StephenB said...

Congrats on the progress!

Steve said...

Great Work Jezwyn.

You asked me to get back to you about that fiber thingie. Well I found out the problem I was having w/o fiber in my diet can be cause by low levels of magnesium. Since I started supplementing my Diet with magnesium, I found that I do not need fiber anymore. Here is a YouTube Video about magnesium:



Jezwyn said...

Thanks, Stephen!

Great you figured it out, Steve! I have been supplementing magnesium & calcium for most of the year, because some days I don't get enough through my meat and end up with leg cramps. I ran out this morning, actually, so I'm a bit worried about tonight, given that the shakes aren't likely to make up the deficit! My Mum always used to say that she would get leg cramps if she didn't eat any leafy greens that day, so when I started cutting back, I looked into what the goodness of those veggies were - voila! Thanks for the heads-up, Mum! I might have to saute some spinach or kale tonight...

Anonymous said...

Hi there, Great to find your blog through Mark's site :) I was wondering what you use to make your shakes. You said protein powders and a few tablespoons of cream, but how does that have enough liquid to make a shake? Do you fill the rest with water?

Warmest regards.

Jezwyn said...

Hi Margi,

Haha, yes, I make my protein shakes with water, although I use a lot more water than is specified in The Six-Week Cure. I tend to use about a litre per meal :)