Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Back To Equilibrium

On a whim, I upped my sodium intake today to see if that cure my woeful belly an lethargy and dehydration symptoms. It worked! Despite feeling a bit mucky in the morning, once my bacon and salty eggs kicked I was back to my old self, ready for a big day. And what a wonderful day - my new baby, next year's Senior Play, is building momentum as audition notices are passed around and kids start putting their hands up for all kinds of responsibilities. There has never been a Senior Play at my school before, this one's purely from my mind grapes, and I was worried that the cold start might be tough. Not so!

The food that helped fuel my wonderful day -

Breakfast: lots of grilled bacon (it's just easier), and two eggs scrambled in coconut oil, sprinkled in salt

Lunch: the leftovers of the rotisserie chicken I couldn't stomach yesterday - man, that bird really was coated is something icky sticky! I went through at least 6 paper towels in the staffroom in an attempt to appear more mature and hygienic than the average toddler... Yes, of course I was eating it with my hands!

Early dinner: squid! The beau is away, which means I get to indulge in the foods of which he does not partake. Mmmm... Fried in butter and garlic, delicious!

And I rounded off the dinner hours by sampling my new egg protein - just powder and water since dairy is off-limits. The vanilla "ice cream" flavour isn't anywhere near as nice as the Whey Factors flavour, despite being the same combination of 'vanilla flavouring' and stevia.

Wow. A Meat Week day without lamb or steak?? Woah! Better fix that tomorrow! :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Primal: Did you cook your own chicken? because i tend to cook my chicken in the gas barbeque grill i have at home. I love the flavor of barbeque chicken.

That chicken you aate looks so good, it looks like the roasted chickens sold at Wal Mart

I have a aquestion about snacks. Do you eat meat between meals, i mean like maybe cold pieces of chicken, turkey or ham?

Thanks and have a nice day.


Jezwyn said...

I usually cook my own free-range chickens, but on nights where cooking isn't appealing we pick up a roast chook, as we did the other day. This was our first time buying from the particular shop, and we won't be going back - great meat, but sticky coating suggesting sugars.

I don't snack. Before the Six-Week Cure experiment, I rarely even ate lunch. Just breakfast and dinner. The only time I snack is if dinner is going to be late and I really need something to keep hunger at bay. This way of eating is really just convenience - eating lunch at work is a pain to fit into my schedule. And on the weekends we tend to sleep-in so breakfast is almost at lunchtime anyway! :)