Saturday, November 28, 2009

BOING!! (That's me, bouncing back)

I feel wonderful today! I still have a bit of a sniffle, but the swollen throat soreness has finally dissipated, and my energy level is almost back to normal. Plus, I am looking and feeling quite svelte thanks to cutting the carbs again, I've dropped a pound, and my subcutaneous fat is shrinking (leaving jiggliness and temporary excess skin that I can't stop grabbing and stretching to prove to myself that fat has disappeared!)

The boon of healthfulness has almost out-weighed the negative whinge-fest I'm currently battling, thanks to it being Report Writing Time. I'm plowing through, and I still have a few days, so it's not critical just yet. But I'm already looking forward to how relieved I'll be when this sword of Damacles is no longer aloft my consciousness. In the meantime, I've been using my favourite form of procrastination to its full potential - cooking!

While one recipe still isn't quite ready for publication (mainly because I haven't managed to get a good photo, and the beau is trying to make them last so I don't get many opportunities), I did make another batch of lovely Choc Apricot & Walnut Balls, rolled in coconut:

Still haven't tried one in its entirety, but the beau is steadily making his way through this newest batch, so let his behaviour tell all...

My day involved three separate species of animal, so that's pretty good by my standards.

Breakfast - pure beef sausages from the organic butcher; so tasty for plain meat!

Lunch - whipped up a batch of chorizo, bacon and egg stir-fry for the beau and I, and finally snapped some lovely pictures! Thank you, sunshiny day!

Dinner - organic corned beef silverside. Much leaner than I'm used to, and lower in sodium... I had to add thyme and salt to make the stuff edible. Shame...

But I did have fun trying an idea that I read about eons ago - sticking the cloves into the onion rather than just letting them float around! The beau even ate the ultra-tasty onions afterward, as well as some boiled carrots.

Me, well, I stuck with the obvious...

I have defrosted another lamb roast. It's already haunting my dreams. I think it needs to be eaten for lunch tomorrow. Om nom nom....

Food for thought:

A few articles about ketosis have been popping up of late, mostly positive, but today Peter from Hyperlipid posted an opinion piece on ketosis and its value. A definite must-read for anyone who follows anything close to a ketogenic diet - just like a new drug might save your life, you also would be wise to look up the potential side-effects so that you know what to look out for. Peter has collected all the significant and relevant information regarding the opposition of ketosis, and his post has inspired some very thoughtful comments from other experts. Like Peter, I am still in favour of ketosis as a fat-loss method since I seem to function very well that way, whilst visibly burning fat. I'll be interested to know what it is like when I have less excess fat to burn...

Also, I've taken advantage of Dr. Mercola's current free shipping offer and bought up his ceramic cookware, bakeware and teaware products, as well as his natural sunscreens and bug repellent. I wanted to buy his cookware ages ago, but shipping bulky pans to Australia from the US was going to cost more than the products themselves! So when his email newsletter told me about the Black Friday sale (til Dec 2nd) I dove straight in! I'm very excited, since my el cheapo Raco ceramic-coated cast iron pan set has started to crack! Unbelievable! My Le Chasseur cast iron products are in perfect shape though, but they're soooo heavy that it's a pain to use them. Fingers crossed that the Mercola stuff is as light as they say... And no, I'm not being paid to promote these products, I'm mentioning my purchase purely to let like-minded individuals know about what I consider to be a sweet-ass deal! I can't wait to try his sunscreen - I don't want to have to hide from the sun in fear of burning when I'm up north for a week! And DEET-free bug-spray that WORKS is a thrilling concept!! I'm sick of my nail polish melting off when I spray my feet!)

Just over one month of 2009 left folks... It's been a year of huge changes for me so I'll almost be sad when 2010 rolls in - but it will be nice to be able to label a year's worth of fat loss and health improvement! My outlook on life has changed so much too, for the better, and hopefully this transition to a far more mature, objective, environmentally-aware mindset will be permanent and inspiring to others. So many people have inspired me this year, most of them participants in the online health & primal communities, so I hope that this blog is giving back something in however small a way. Even if my life speeds up and I no longer have time to maintain this blog, it's great to know that it will stand as a resource for future health-seekers to find and learn from, to help them on their own journeys.

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