Monday, November 2, 2009

Meat Week!

Ahhh, food! From the minute my delicious breakfast passed my lips, I instantly felt healthy, lithe and balanced.

I'm starting my meat weeks - Weeks 3 & 4 of The Six-Week Cure - at a mere 77.2kg, the lightest I have been since high school! My adjusted goal is now 70kg, but that may be a little low, so as always I'm going by the way I look more than what I weigh.

Today's line-up felt very filling - after so many shakes, to eat three square meals suddenly felt like a lot of food! And yet, when tallied in Spark, I was still right of caloric-deficit target - win!

Breakfast: an organic lamb forequarter chop, and an egg fried in coconut oil

Lunch: two lamb forequarter chops

Dinner: I whipped up some burgers out of organic ground beef and egg, then seasoned with parsley, thyme and garlic granules. The beau took his with leftover green salad and low-carb tomato sauce...

... while I enjoyed mine naked! Delicious!

I've been having hot flushes since lunch, but I can't tell if that's just my metabolism being stoked once more, or this suffocating weather! Summer has come early, with today hitting at least 30 degrees Celsius, and here's me without any nice Summer clothes! The beau is heading interstate for another geek conference, so maybe I'll take myself to the local shopping centre and organise a whole new wardrobe, even though I'd ideally like to wait until I'm at my final weight... But life has made other plans - I already had to wear a semi-transparent shirt to work today, so I think my grace period is officially over!

Carnivore Cost Calculation:

Breakfast - Lamb ($2.50) and egg ($0.50) = $3
Lunch - Lamb = $5
Dinner - Beef ($2.80) and egg ($0.50) plus herbs = $3.50

Total for the day = $11.50

Organic, grass-fed meats, three times a day, for less than what most people pay for a cafe lunch. Stop whinging about factory farming and how expensive organic food is, and go talk to farmers - save the world and your wallet!

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