Sunday, November 8, 2009

End of Week 3 - The Six-Week Cure

With almost another kilogram (2lb) lost this week, Meat Week has been a comfortable and enjoyable success. In terms of 6WC protocol, I should do another week of meatiness now, but with the weather forecast hovering around 30-35 degrees Celsius all week, I'd prefer to sup on chilled shakes than hot meats! So I'm bending the rules and taking another week of shakes, so I'll only be cooking once per day, max. I had planned for my newly-purchased egg protein powder to allow me to make Meat Week-friendly shakes to take to work, but I still haven't found a way to create an egg shake that doesn't leave me with egg burps. I will keep trying though, during quiet evenings at home. Maybe I'll add cinnamon and see if I can get it to taste like eggnog...

Breaking a 19 hour fast - Breakfast: In a rush to catch my ride to the shopping centre (the only sane place to be on a hot day like today), I whipped up what has become my go-to meal - fried bacon, scrambled in eggs!

After blowing two weeks' worth of salary at Allanah Hill (her stuff fits me now?!?!) buying two stunning new dresses and two skirts, ready for summer, I returned home and heated up the beau's leftover beef mince from yesterday's lunch. Again, ugly, so no photo.

Dinner: With the temperature in the kitchen edging up to the 40°C mark, I grabbed the nearest thawed meat and threw it on the grill. Voila - salmon! Served with a handful of almonds and walnuts.

I'm already looking forward to my breakfast shake! Here's hoping I don't spill any of my lovely new dress!


maddy4primal said...

Other than the odd digestive issues with coconut oil, have you found that it speeds up or impairs your weight loss in any way?

I remember taking a hefty dose one day then dropping a few lbs seemingly overnight though due to monthlies and other factors I'm not sure as to how much of it was just water.

Would love to see some pictures of those dresses!

Jezwyn said...

Coconut oil doesn't impair my fat loss, I'm fairly certain, but I also wouldn't say it has any magical metabolic effects either. I keep it as part of my diet for its other health benefits.

It would be interesting if you repeat our hefty dose experiment to see whether it kicks your metabolism up at all. I would try it but there's too many variables at the moment that would interfere with the interpretation of results.

I will try to get a nice photo soon! I'm wearing the dress and new shoes to work today - it's nerve-wracking wearing a new $500+ on a boiling hot day, surrounded by grotty, rough kids and furniture! :)