Monday, November 2, 2009

Navel Gazing

This morning I have been following the white rabbit through a series of articles and blog posts regarding obesity as an immune disorder, beginning with a post in the same name by Matt Metzgar. Matt links to a dozen resources as is, and I continued bunny-hopping through fascinating information until I found a document detailing the personal experience of Gary Tiv, who gradually lost weight without changing his lifestyle except for adding probiotic supplements to his day. While most of this information has skittered past my eyeballs before, the ideas had never been presented to me in such an effectively consolidated way, and many of the scientific points Tiv makes strike me as logical and closely aligned with the Primal principles.

I know there are already many, many people who take probiotics, that ferment their own dairy and cabbage and other scarily mouldy foods, and even I used to take Yakult religiously, mostly because I liked the taste (yes, with that much sugar, who wouldn't?). But I stopped when I found out that it really was just expensive candy, since the good bacteria was likely to be overpowered by the yeast growth triggered by the sugars.

With my recent nausea issues, I would like to do whatever I can to help my gut's health, so I'm taking Tiv's advice and looking into buying Multibionta to add to my daily supplements. It seems to be a multivitamin as well, which is not needed since I take Mark's Damage Control Master Formula, albeit only one packet a day instead of two. The Multibionta Immune Support formula looks closest to being primarily the probiotic, with a couple of vitamins thrown in...

Anyone tried Multibionta, or another sugar-free, pill-based probiotic supplement they would recommend?


Susan said...

My system is fairly sensitive, so I stick with single probiotics that don't have starch binders.

I use both the GI Pro Health acidophilus (SCdophilus) and S. Boulardii. (

I had to work my way up on each of them. I still can't tolerate the dosages my docs would like me to take!


Yummy said...

Very interesting! Thanks for the links!

StephenB said...

I'd avoid it due to the folic acid (see PMID 18326588 and 16365081). Folinic acid or methylfolate appear to avoid the risk of folic acid. I like Culturelle and VSL#3.

Jezwyn said...

Thanks for the feedback, guys! I might have to hit up a pharmacy and ask the pharmacist for advice on a locally sold product, since shipping from the US or UK in a refrigerated container is way out of my price range!