Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Shaking Things Up

This week I'm returning to the three shakes : one meal protocol, mainly to combat the stinking hot weather. Drinking creamy, icy shakes is certainly preferable to cooking three meat meals in the sweltering kitchen. Hello summer.

Yesterday was the first day of the week (and Day 22 of The Six-Week Cure), so I slurped down a shake with cacao for breakfast, lunch, and afternoon tea.

I snacked on nuts as a precursor to a deliciously fatty dinner of salmon, cabbage and eggs, each sautéed/scrambled in copious amounts of coconut oil.

Today I needed to compensate for going over my calorie budget yesterday, so I made one scoop/no cream vanilla shakes for breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea, and then whipped up a meaty meal for dinner (I love my grill; in went the meat, and out went me until it was ready to serve! Escape from the melty kitchen!) Served with a couple of baby spinach leaves, for the beau (the ones on my plate were just for appearances).

The computer room is the hottest room in the house, so I can't stand to sit here for long! So rather than have me waffle on about my progress, how about you guys check in and let me know how you're doing? I haven't heard from some of you in a long time...

To success, and surviving another long, hot summer!


Anonymous said...

Hey, i quit drinking shakes because its getting colder where I live, and i used to make my whey protein shakes with a lot of crushed ice which lowered by body temperature so much that i even had to use a portable small heater here in order to make me feel warmer.

By the way does green-cabbage have carbohydrates? And what do you think has more carbohydrates? broccoli or green-cabbage?

Do you eat zero carbs on some days when you want to lose water and body-weight faster?

Oh by the way i have another question and comment, do you think that doing lots of exercising is bad? because yesterday i exercised real hard and i got so hungry at night that i had to have 2 dinners. Because i've read in some other low-carb blogs, that increasing exercising while following a low-carb or zero-carb diet is counter-productive, coz it increases hunger so much.

Anyways take care !!


Matthew said...

M-S, why don't you have your shakes without ice or even serve them hot. wouldn't that solve the problem.

Its been 39°C the last 3 days here in Adelaide so I have no problem with more ice!

As far as exercising I don't think you should worry about getting hungry to much. Currently I've got myself 2 gym memberships and being going nearly every day doing weights and cardio. Sure my hunger (especially for protein) has increased, but I have still been losing body fat. I think its really best not to over think it too much. On low-carb if you are hungry I think its best just to listen to your body and eat!


p.s Jezwyn, liking the titles of these posts.. very lame but in a good way :) hope the heat doesn't get to you too much! I've been spending all my time at the beach so I am very happy its hot.

Jezwyn said...

I don't always make my shakes with ice, although I did this morning. I just keep the shakes in the fridge at work, so they're cool but not freezing.

Cabbage has carbs. There are many resources online for looking up the carb content of foods. I either use the food tracker at Spark People (where I've been logging my food since January), or I look at NutritionData.com

I feel better on an all-meat diet. As long as any carbs I eat don't kick me out of ketosis, break my caloric budget, trigger cravings, or mess with my digestions, there isn't a problem. I don't believe I lose weight faster just because I'm eating zero-carb.

I think much more than 2 hours exercise per week is wasteful. Two lots of 30 minute high intensity workout is enough - Richard Nikoley is proof of that. I don't 'exercise' at all, just walk to and from work most days (not at all this week thus far though, too hot!). I think it's true no matter what way of eating you follow - exercise is likely to make you hungrier. It blunts hunger for some people, but eventually your body is going to want you to refuel your glycose stores... I was always much hungrier after exercise when I was a gym-bunny.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot Mathew and Jezwyn for your comments.

Jezwyn: by the way, what u said about exercising hard and working out for long hours (like long walks, long bikerides, more sets at the weight-training room, etc) of increasing hunger, is very true.

It seems, that we are trapped, i mean if we don't exercise we get less hungry but we burn less calories. And if we exercise a lot, we burn a lot more calories, but get real hungry. And i think that we might even gain weight by increasing our exercise volument and time.

So i think that its better to under-exercise, to do short weight training routines and moderate light cardios.

I've seen these fat people running so hard and they never lose weight. It's because running fast can increase hunger a lot more more than walking.

And what you said about vegetabels like green-cabbage having carbohydrates is true. All vegetables have carbohydrates so we gotta take that into consideration when doing low or zero carbohydrate diets.

Well take care and keep zero-carbing !!


Marnee said...

I live in southern Arizona where it is very hot during the summer. Eating more a lot more fat (beef fat) greatly increased my heat tolerance. I barely noticed it.

Anonymous said...

Marnee: hi, fat also works as appetite-suppressant. I've noticed i very well. Because when ever i make fat-free pancakes with egg-whites and protein-powder, i feel hungrier the whole morning than when i make those protein pancakes with whole eggs (including the yolk).


Jezwyn said...

Hi Marnee,

I haven't noticed much of a change in my heat tolerance as yet, despite my huge fat intake these days. The problem at the moment is that within the course of a single week the typical temperature jumped more than 10 degrees Celsius. Plus, some classrooms at my work are not air-conditioned, so the temperature inside them can climb even higher. Painful! Going from an overly air conditioned office/classroom into the scorching sunlight/humid room and back again is even worse. At least I don't have to be outside during the lunch breaks, unlike the poor kids.

We'll all have adapted to the Aussie summer by December, but for this heat to have arrived a month early has caught everyone by surprise!