Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sleep Slurp Sleep

Took an early night last night, to try and restore some sanity and relaxation levels depleted by this past mad week. Waking up at 6am wasn't part of the plan, nor was an inability to fall asleep again. I blame my amazing yet terrifying dream which took me from sleep to wakefulness, and left me with lots of ideas - not the perfect environment for a snooze-fest Saturday. But not to fret - it's been so long since I woke up naturally, no matter what the time, that I'm taking this one as a win.

Breakfast: After last night's amazing bacon & egg scramble, I decided to repeat the treat, but use coconut oil to fry the bacon.

The meal was utterly delicious, but it revealed that I haven't been using coconut oil as often as I should - yep, digestive issues kicked in later in the day. Thank goodness for the weekend.

Lunch: Fried up some grass-fed beef mince in butter - delicious, but ugly!

As the weather hit its peak heat, at least 33 degrees Celsius, I decided to hide out in bed and wait out the stomach gurgles.

Next thing I knew, two hours had past. Gotta love a nap! Guess I caught up on my missed morning snoozing. Hopefully my energy levels tomorrow thank me - I have to go shopping for summer clothing! Eeek!

It's well past dinnertime, and I'm still not particularly hungry, so I'm counting this as an intermittent fast from 3pm til breakfast tomorrow. My high-fat meals cover my calorie needs, on paper at least, so that should be all good.

As imperfect as today was, I regret nothing - especially since reading Richard Nikoley's report on saturated fat research supporting the importance of eating significant amounts of the rich stuff!

Tomorrow is the last day of Week 3 of the Six-Week Cure. During this week I have hit my lowest weight ever and maintained it, so I'm pretty happy. Mixing up my eating routine looks like the trick to getting fat loss moving again, so I'm cautious when giving credit to the Eades' plan, especially since more and more individuals are finding their shake-week weight comes back after they return to their usual low-carb way of eating. Their normal lifestyles sometimes include frankenfoods though, and some slip-ups, so I have no doubt that my experience will be different, especially since the Meat Weeks are my everyday! It does raise small red flags regarding what Mum might achieve, though. Well, we'll see what happens. And tomorrow I need to decide whether I want to do another Meat Week or jump back into a Shake Week to keep my system on its toes! Especially with this hot weather rolling in so early - it's a much nicer idea to sup on shakes than cook up meat three times a day!

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