Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Glurgle & Snore

Thankfully, today was a public holiday. I am thankful for the opportunity to sleep-in, although I woke up awfully groggy and remained that way all day. Hot weather always wipes me out; it takes a while to perfect that delicate balance of being cool enough at night to fall asleep, yet warm & covered enough that extremities don't freeze and drop off. I'm thankful that I was at home when my body started showing signs of dehydration, despite drinking copious amounts of liquids in the past few days. Finally, I'm thankful that after crashing into a coma at 5pm and waking at 6 o'clock, I did eventually realise that it was still evening and not early morning so it was not in fact necessary for me to start organising to go to work. It only took me 15 minutes to put two and two together (why is it so dim outside? why didn't my alarm go off? why aren't I hungry?). Amen.

Food-wise, the day started well, with a late breakfast of lamb chops out in the sunshine.

Then, after a shopping trip to the local mall that took longer than expected, the beau and I drowned our 'hungry grumps' in a rotisserie chicken.

His plate:

My plate:

Sadly, I could only manage to eat one wing and a lot of skin before hitting satiety, so the rest of this plateful was popped into the fridge for dinner. However, shortly thereafter my all-day bleurghiness started to peak, so I began imbibing liquids while stretched out in bed. I managed to remain conscious just long enough to see the boy off to his latest geek conference, and then I was outta there!

It's dinnertime now but I have zero inclination to eat anything, and since it's getting late I will have to wait until tomorrow to try my first ever pot of Yerba Maté, freshly shipped in from iHerb.com along with my egg protein powder and Mum's Whey Factors powder. Yerba Maté contains quite a bit of caffeine, and although I have never noticed the stimulating effects of caffeine in other beverages before, I don't want to exacerbate my dehydration, if that is indeed what's going on here...

So since lunch was eaten at around 2pm, thus begins an intermittent fast!

Carnivore Cost Calculation:

Breakfast - $5.50
Lunch - $1 (whole chicken = $6)

Total for the day: $6.50

To end on a positive note, I lost more weight overnight, dropping below 77kg, with further noticeable reduction in my muffin top. Today's caloric intake is awfully low, but given my inactivity today, hopefully boosting the calories tomorrow will allow me to get away with a low day without any lean mass waste. Let's drink to progress!

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