Thursday, November 26, 2009


Forced to take just one more day off work (missing the best conference of the year, boo!) while the last of this bug is worked out of my system, I didn't get to slack off - reports are due tomorrow, so I've been busily marking exams and writing as euphemistically as possible about my dear cherubs. Fear not - I still found time to get into the kitchen, and even had some fun experimenting with new ideas in the evening!

Breakfast proved too much for me - I only managed to down the bacon and a bit of lamb chop before hitting satiety... And this is after fasting since lunchtime yesterday... Odd.

For lunch I sliced up some fancy new chorizo sausages found at the local supermarket - no filler, no sweetener, just beef, pork, and spices, smoked! Zing! Fried them up, and scrambled in some eggs - yum! Sadly, there's no photo since a freak storm hit just as I finished making my lunch, and the power went out. My camera's flash was too powerful for the contrast of white plate/eggs with dark meat. Next time (oh yes, there will be a next time!)...

On to dinner, where my appetite was starting to come back, so my grilled salmon filled and chorizo sausage slice was highly appreciated!

And now for a couple of teasers - here are glimpses of the two recipes I'm currently working on... You'll have to wait until I have perfected the recipes and have more spare time...

My taster tells me that one of the recipes is already perfection, so keep your eyes out for that recipe popping up here in the next day or so!

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