Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Getting Back In The Kitchen (Cos I'm Still On Sick Leave)

Yes, I had time and energy today to whip up my first holiday-centric primal treat - Apricot & Walnut Balls! But Jez, you ask, what else did yo do with your day? Please tell us, because it's bound to be oh-so interesting.


I had breakfast. Scotch fillet steak, and a fried egg.

With that fuel in my belly, I rested up outside in the semi-sunshine whilst the beau did some podcast recording inside.

A bit later, I had lunch, using leftover ground beef and an egg to make a hideious, yet tasty, slab 'o burger.

Then it was time to face reality - even though I'm not quite 100%, I don't have the luxury of forgetting about work for a few days. Why not? It's report-writing time. A couple of year levels are due on Friday, so I had to go to work to pick up a pile of marking to do before I could even write those reports... But I've made a decent start now, so hey. I refuse to let this time of year stress me out. I have found a productive way to shake off the cabin fever/boredom - go to the kitchen and get my hands into a new invention!

Now, the trick is not to EAT any of the inventions! I started a fast after lunch, so that helped stop any fingers making the trip from mixing bowl to mouth. I'll be making more tomorrow since my brother & his girlfriend are probably coming over for dinner. Lamb roast, some sort of salad, unique fruity dessert treats... I'm the best sister ever!

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