Monday, November 30, 2009

Short 'n' Sweet

After yesterday's epic post, here's a shorty to balance the verbosity.

Breakfast: Two pure beef sausages, and one egg fried in butter.

No time for lunch, so stayed fasted until dinner ten hours after breakfast.

Dinner: Scotch fillet steak, served with a pat of butter.

And we're done! Weight continues to drop, skin is great at the moment, hair stays clean and free of oil for incredible stretches of time, and I'm completely over my cold!

Once last thing before I leave you - I stumbled upon an article posted way back in 2002 by Charles Eisenstein entitled The Ethics Of Eating Meat: A Radical View, espousing most of the same information as is currently taking the health and diet world by storm via Lierre Keith's The Vegetarian Myth. It doesn't have her flair for language, but it also isn't as dampened with anecdotes, so it might be a better one to pass on to the science-loving friends and family who still believe the usual myths about industrial agriculture/husbandry vs the potential of alternative methods, and their relationship to fossil fuel and other environmental woes. Enjoy, and good night!


Ryan Christian said...

Looks good

Anonymous said...

hello jezwyn and friends: I have a question about whip cream. What do you think about whip cream? because i have been eating my protein pancakes with whey protein, and egg whites. But some guy in another low carb forum told me, that i should decrease my protein intake and increase my fat intake. So i've been eating less whey protein in my pancakes, and some whip cream in it.


Jezwyn said...

That's exactly what I told you to do - up your fat intake. If you want to avoid dairy (to avoid the casein, carbs, etc), you could do this by adding more lard/coconut oil to your pancakes, making the pancakes with whole eggs instead of egg whites only, etc. If dairy doesn't bother you, I'd recommend you go for a rich double cream (higher fat) rather than a whipped cream which will have gelatin in the mix, if not other processed nasties.