Thursday, July 16, 2009

Carnivore: Day 1

Ok, here goes I, intrepid ingester of all things meaty. Hmm, that sounds wrong somehow...

Transparency (oh gosh here's hoping the students don't find this one...):

Took my measurements this morning so I could have a marked starting point - weight is up a little since last week, but measurements are stable or are decreasing.

Weight: 80.7kg
Bust: 40"
Waist: 32"
Hips: 43"

(I'm sure you can take from this that I have a large frame - I'm 5'10" - and am nowhere near having a 'boyish' figure! There isn't actually much room for change along those measurements - apart from the bust, I'm pretty close to bone/muscle as it is. I'd be better to take a thigh measurement... Have to do that tomorrow. If only I had a reliable way of measuring bodyfat - I've lost all faith in my Tanita scale.)

Ate a wide range of animals today:

Pig & Cow for breakfast

Chicken for lunch

Sheep for dinner

Make that RARE sheep for dinner - yum!!

And that's it! Very early dinner though - it's only 5:30pm - but I now have to hop on a bus and a tram to St. Kilda, to go see an exciting show!


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Jedi said...

Have you foun in your reading, aything to do with becoming more carb intolerant when we go zero carb? it's that which is holding me back a bit from a zero carb experiment ;)

Jezwyn said...

Hm, the 'carb intolerances' relevant to the primal lifestyle would be lactose intolerance and fructose intolerance, but I haven't read of those developing spontaneously... It hasn't come up in any of my reading, but theoretically I'd guess you could be a little more sensitive to fructose and lactose when you reincorporate them back into your lifestyle. But eating primal already limits dairy and fruit, so I doubt it would cause much of a problem.

The reasons for not consuming vegetables etc are based on our inability to adequately digest fibre, prompting damage to our intestines as they are 'scraped out' while we try to pass the undigested fibre. There could be some temporary bowel issues switching back, just like there might be when first switching to ZC (not that I had any trouble).

Like any change in diet, it's probably best to be gradual rather than running hot and cold. :)