Friday, July 17, 2009

Carnivore: Day 2

Weight: 80.6kg

Didn't bother photographing my food - it's just meat! When I cook up a nice big juicy steak I'll snap a pic :)

Breakfast: 2 pure meat sausages and some bacon (same as yesterday)

Lunch: tin of tuna (boring snoring, but couldn't manage until dinner)

Dinner: Just couldn't seem to reach satiety this afternoon/evening, so ended up eating three small dinners - bit of pork belly, bit more pork belly, and then two chicken drumsticks.

Spark People reckons my intake of dietary fat made up 75% of today's calories! Calories a bit over the top again. Massive day, so I followed my hunger.

Feeling good, though I'm missing the variety of flavours provided by the primal lifestyle. Cooked cheesy scrambled eggs for the boy this morning, and had to really restrain myself from scoffing a spoonful, they smelled so good! The delivery of fresh, tasty organic veggies yesterday didn't help! Better cancel that service for next week.

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kimmitri said...

what a great job! i'm really intrigued about the all carnivore living, as i've noticed my body feels stronger on days when i eat mostly meat.