Monday, July 13, 2009

Today's Tucker (Zero Carb Edition) - 13/07/09

First day of term, not too rough, a bit head-achy thanks to the early start (or the diet - have been getting the odd mental clunking since cutting out the veg. Anyone else had this experience?). Ate well though...

Big breakfast:

Lamb sausages (pure meat), two fried eggs, and some fried haloumi.

Lunch: leftover roast chicken - surprisingly satisfying given it was mainly white meat. Am having the same tomorrow lunch, so that's encouraging.


Lamb chops, chicken wings, and a little more fried haloumi (accidentally burnt, so omitted from pic). Very early dinner; a sign that my body still needs to adjust back into days that run longer than 10 - 12 hours of wakefulness.

Logged it into Spark, but discovered myself well short of my calorie needs, so I decided to 'pad' with some macadamia nuts - good fats a go-go! Unfortunately, the pairing of tasty treats with boring essay marking landed poorly, leading my doddled mind to think that macadamia nuts were too tempting to have in the house, so I should try to eat them all so I won't be tempted in the future. Nice. So instead of a nice, optimal caloric deficit, I pretty much hit my BMR. I didn't even get my usual walk to work and back thanks to heavy books and pouring rain. Ah well, take it as an anti-stress measure to help the circadian readjustment.

Back on track tomorrow - I bought more bacon! :) And I've been missing my coconut oil, usually served via sautéed cabbage, so I might coat and fry up some barramundi for dinner tomorrow. Mmmmm...

Physiological check-in: stomach bulges are exceptionally blorpy and foldy, suggesting fat stores being pillaged. My weight is still lower than it was before the start of the holidays, so that's great. We'll see if the diminished sleeping availability damages my diminishment :)

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Matt Kloepfer said...

I'm anxious to see how your zero carb experiment plays out. Keep it up. Thanks,