Thursday, July 23, 2009

Carnivore: Day 8

Weight: 79.4kg

Breakfast: part of a gigantic pork chop, which originally looked like this:

And then looked like this:

However, my stomach was not prepared for such a meal so early in the day, so I ate all the fat and some of the lean til I was stuffed. I think I put away about 150g, and the rest (another 250g) went into the bin.

Good thing I filled up well on breakfast, as I missed out on packing any lunch. The tuna that I had waiting on my desk for such an occasion mysteriously disappeared... Possibly eaten... By me... Last week...

Survived comfortably until dinner, where I fried up some beef eye fillets, and picked up a roast chicken (now I definitely have lunch for tomorrow organised!):

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