Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Today's Tucker (Zero Carb Edition) - 14/07/09

Ok, less of the weird head sensations (not quite a headache, but noticeable) today, until the walk home at least. So good to walk! Once again, after two weeks of sitting around, not getting any real exercise, I notice no increased effort required to scale the sharp incline on my way home, apart from a slight shift in breath depth (but not frequency). Way to maintain muscle tone, bod!


Bacon, fried eggs, and haloumi. Yum! Shame I had to eat fast - traded savouring time for snoozing time. Second day back, and the snooze button already has me by the buzzer.

Lunch: the last of my leftover roast chicken. Ooh, I have to pop some more in to roast up for tomorrow, thanks for reminding me...


That's breakfast - plus barramundi! Barramundi is one of those awesome fish which happily adopts and improves the flavour of the food it's served with - ideal topped with bacon, and then smothered in runny egg yolk. Oh yes.

Finished off the last few macadamia nuts - they're all gone now, no more temptation, but I'll have to find some other way to boost my fat intake. I'm planning on scrambling my morning eggs with pure cream, like I used to, and roasting my chicken drumsticks in generous amounts of coconut oil. It blows my mind a little, after watching my calories so carefully in the past month, that with the exception of the nuts today, my caloric intake would have been right on (deficit) target, even with two fat-heavy fry-ups! Take that, conventional wisdom! I'm filled to bursting by breakfast and dinner, and eat a decent amount of meat for lunch too (though I could live without it...), so I don't think anyone would mind if I - once again - salute the lipophobes with my middle finger.


Kimmy said...

Mmm your breakfast looks yummy! :)

Ernie said...

The haloumi cheese - is there an American (or, well, other than your area) equivalent? Online searching for exactly what it is ("called x in american or britain") to purchase it here. If I had to take a guess, is it like queso blanca? That's sort of a white farmer's cheese you can fry, used in south america.

Jezwyn said...

Haloumi (halloumi, halumi) is a cheese traditionally used in Cyprus, Greece, and the Middle East. It's now available globally. A goat or sheep's cheese, at least originally.

Queso Blanco is of Spanish origin, made of cow's milk. If you can't find haloumi but want to fry some cheese, that's probably a good alternative (but I've never tried it, and it sounds less flavourful than haloumi, but that will depend on the maker).