Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pigs Go Oink & Cows Go Moo & Both Go In My Belly!

After a luxurious sleep-in (I've finally shaken that fatigued 'hangover' headache, woohoo!), I felt energised and well-fueled, so I skipped breakfast and lunch to instead lie around in the faint winter sun. The Bureau suggests the weather will be nice for the next few days, so I'll make the most of my free time by stretching out in patches of sunlight. It's a cat's life for me...

Cooked up some delicious pork belly and beef eye fillet for dinner - decided to go carnivore but served the boy up some fresh veggies and some burnt butter brussel sprouts, and then couldn't resist having a sprout myself!

The grill:

His meal:

(He doesn't like pork belly, but I made him eat just a little bit of the pork meat. Man, who doesn't like pork belly??!)

My meal:

(I saved my sprouts til last, but since I could only manage 3/4 of the pork itself, I barely had room for the one sprout I did eat... Delicious though.)


Quinadal said...

The title reminds me of what I tell vegetarians when they say I only eat animals that I don't think are cute..I happen to think cows and pigs are VERY cute..they also taste great on the grill!

Beastie Girl said...


It's as cheap as chips here in Holland, and super fatty so I eat it by the buttload. Well, when I'm in porkbelly mode, that is. I eat things in cycles. I think I'm starting a beef cycle and I'll probably get back to pork in a month or four.

BUT YES! Who doesn't like it?

Anonymous said...

looove pork belly. great with apple ... and i think they look adorable too--in *my* belly! :D