Sunday, July 5, 2009

Today's Tucker - 04/07/09

Today was pretty much a day of sleeping, after a very late night last night, waiting for the interstate traveler to call me. Finally turned out the lights at 4am (after he called). After the sun woke me, I rose - then shut the curtains and went back to sleep. Until 1:30pm. Nice.

'Breakfast' was a small handful of macadamia nuts.

Then I made a new batch of pumpkin soup and had a bowlful.

Mum is staying with me for a few days, so I cooked up an easy meal to make the most of my last remaining veggies via Organic Angels - new box of veg and eggs coming on Monday! They're even throwing in some imperfect carrots and scrap leaves for the guinea pigs - how lovely!


Pork roast (with crackling!!), eggplant, capsicum, broccoli and, as a rare treat, snow peas! Yum!

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