Monday, July 6, 2009

Yesterday's & Today's Tucker - 5 & 6/07/09

Having relatives over to visit cuts down on one's cyber-faffing, and sadly blogging falls into that category. Fortunately, the time usually devoted to virtual hoo-haa was replaced by a viewing of Tom Naughton's Fat Head. About time too. Very good, particularly when looking at the origin of the fat-is-bad mythology and the non-so-innocent propagation of the artery-clogging-saturated-fats and heart-healthy-whole-grains lies.

Breakfast yesterday was scrambled eggs and ham, and then we were off to Spencer St DFO to take in a spot of shopping. Spot = 6 hours. And this was on a significant lack of sleep. Still fun.

Ate lunch at the complex; found some great roast veggies (just don't think about the oil they used) and a Cajun chicken salad without dressing (only a Cajun coating on the slices of meat, quite subtle too).

Dinner was a hastily thrown together replica of Caveman Chicken & Veggie Cornucopia except that beetroot with the greens still attached were nowhere to be found, so I made do with what we could find:

Mum brought some Camembert with her, so I served up a dessert for us to snack on during the film:

The tissue box looked on longingly...

Today, we started with a huge feast of bacon, and embarked on another day of shopping, but this time it was closer to home. I used to find shopping a relative breeze in that I never spent much money and only bought necessities. This was more than a little due to the fact that it was a darned pain to find anything that looked halfway reasonable, and these items certainly were not at the high-end boutiques! Now, however... What do you do when the really nice clothes look really nice on you?!? Answer = you buy them. Mmmm. Well, I do practically require a varied and well-fitting wardrobe for my job, and my old nice clothes no longer fit me well. I do not fancy my skirt falling off in the middle of Year 10 Drama, thanks so much. So the credit card has been working hard, but since I order in food or eat at restaurants and cafes far less frequently these days, I didn't break the bank.

A quick lunch at home - I've been dying to try my hand at nori rolls with alfalfa, and since the organic shop had a nice tub of sprouts, it seemed like a good time to give it a shot! I toasted my nori gently, then rolled up the alfalfa, some spinach leaves, and some leftover cooked chicken breast:

Tasty!! Will make again, for sure.

I thought I would be having an early night, but am still here at 11pm, so I'm glad I decided to take in a light dinner:

Organic lamb cutlets with fresh tomato, spinach, alfalfa and broccoli. Is there anything more appropriate for the primal lady than cutlets which can be eaten with one's hands without sacrificing decorum and femininity? Juicy and delicious!

It is most certainly time to crash - the matriarch has left the nest, the boy is back in town, and a sleep-in is well overdue. See you in at least 12 hours...

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Quinadal said...

I love how he made Fat Head informative, but VERY entertaining. Shows how much of a liar Spurlock is too.