Sunday, July 26, 2009

Carnivore: Day 10

Well, with an eye toward upping my calories and fat, I knew I'd have to do my best to 'indulge' whenever possible, since my dinner was pretty much out of my control...

Weight: 79.5kg

Breakfast: lamb forequarter chops (for which I have now found an organic supplier, woohoo!), smothered and fried in lard

Lunch: The boy was soooooo hungry (sugar junkie!) while we were out shopping, so he headed over to Grill'd while I took the opportunity to indulge in some salmon sashimi, ignoring the bed of carrot, of course:

Our shopping trip was devoted to my favourite items - meat & lingerie! Fear not, the following photos deal only with the more interesting of the two... :)

A quick breakdown of the haul:

Biodynamic/Organic Butcher - four lamb forequarter chops, 2 lamb backstraps, four beef sausages, and four lamb sausages. Also, as pictured in the lower-left corner of the image, pig fat! All minced up and ready to render :)

Fish market - tray of sardine fillets, rainbow trout fillets, barramundi cutlets, calamari rings, and 1/2 a crayfish.

Organic chicken market stall - 1kg skin-on fillets, 1kg drumsticks, and 1 spatchcock.

Supermarket - bacon and anchovies. They get less of my money each fortnight.

All that came to under AU$150, and should last at least a week. That covers all of my daily food intake, as well as the boy's dinners. Huzzah!

Ate some bacon after unpacking everything, to tide me over until dinner at the boy's work Christmas In July party. Good thing too, whilst the entree arrived promptly - -

(Prawns were tastier than overall dish's presentation would suggest - didn't eat the 'other stuff' of course)

- - the main took another ninety minutes to arrive!

Fairly nice rib-eye once it did arrive, specially requested sans sauce and veggies, though slightly over-cooked by my preference, but not nearly as well-done as some others. Some bizarre inconsistencies marked an otherwise charming evening, spending time with charming people. Look, here are some charming people now...

Don't we scrub up nice? And as you can probably ascertain, I haven't had the figure nor confidence to pull off a slinky evening dress before, and while my figure isn't yet perfect, I had a lot of fun showing some skin and not having to worry about the old bulges!

Finally, my ego received a thorough stroking from Ryan Robitaille, thanks to his recent Fun Friday Potpourri Post, where he linked to the wisdom of Dr. Michael R. Eades, the inspiring Mark Sisson, and... me! Thanks Ryan!


Deanna said...

You look good! Definitely more salad-with-fat-free-dressing-on-the-side kind of girl than meat-eating, lard-loving carnivore! Though I think the healthy, not-emaciated look is what might tip me off!

CT said...

I think you look great. You should be very confident now, you've obviously achieved a lot. I like your blog, your dedication to Paleo is outstanding.