Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Carnivore: Day 13

Last night, I got a bit peckish, so I whipped up some lovely lamb chops, fried until rare:

So as a result, I wasn't in the least bit hungry for breakfast this morning, so I decided to fast through the day. Packed a couple of tins of tuna/salmon, just in case, but they remain untouched for another time.

Dinner: minced beef, bacon, and spoonfuls of lard!

Second course: chicken breast with skin (cooked up mainly for the boy's late dinner, and figured I might as well give it a try. Boring snoring.)

Long days for both of us here, no energy to type or even think... Time to read in bed!


Anahi said...

Hi! I am just interested in how your weight and measurements have changed (if at all) from the meat-only diet. And how you feel. Do you feel energized from all the fat, or do you have to drink any caffeine?

Jezwyn said...

Hi Anahi,

I'll be doing my weekly check-in tomorrow, but I doubt there will be any meaningful change in measurements, and my weight will be a little raised due to my female hormones.

In terms of energy, I feel absolutely fine/normal, and I don't use caffeine. This week I cut out even my green tea, so it has just been meat and water, and I have not felt any muscular or mental fatigue except when I eat but don't have time to stop my active day for digestion. Even when I feel I have probably used up all the glucose/glycogen in my system, my body continues running smoothly, suggesting successful keto-adaptation. It's been a great experiment in terms of proving the human body can run very efficiently on this diet, and/or can adapt very well to lifestyle changes provided they still provide the body with all essentials. :)