Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Carnivore: Day 14

Today completed a fortnight of eating nothing but meat, and while I will do a proper measuring up tomorrow, I will say that I feel really good, my energy has been very stable, I haven't had any digestive issues at all, and have noticed some nice boosts in muscle tone and skin texture.

Skipped breakfast - cooked up some sausages, but packed them up to take to work, and only ate them when hunger finally kicked in (around 11am):

Snacked/lunched on a tiny tin of tuna in water, just in case dinner was to be delayed... Then headed into the city for a girly night at the movies!

Dined at Tomodachi at Melbourne Central:

A selection of sashimi.

Wagyu Beef & salmon roullade, on some greens which I ignored completely.

Hm, didn't end up taking in many calories today, but still managed over 50% fat, so hopefully things will be ok for my last meat-only day! Sure ended glamorously, if not with a resounding bang!

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