Sunday, July 19, 2009

Carnivore: Day 4

A lovely, restful day, filled with tasty meats, and frying things in lard!

79.8kg (yep, that's almost a kilogram dropped since the beginning of the all-meat experiment, but still not as low as my lowest weight - 79.3kg ten days ago, so is still within the realm of a fluctuation)

Breakfast: two pure meat sausages (I bought a bunch of beef sausages and lamb sausages from my organic butcher, who didn't label which were which, and I can't tell the difference! But either way, it's red meat, without any filler, and delicious!) fried in dripping!

Lunch: two chicken drumsticks, roasted in lard

Dinner: two lamb chops (a lovely, fatty cut, much like a forequarter) fried in lard

Reading today:

The most frequent question asked of me since beginning this experiment has been, without fail, 'but don't you need fibre?' From what I've read, nope, and certainly not in the quantities extolled by those supporting the ingestion of whole grains. Some starting points to read why - Dr. Eades' effective allegory poking holes in conventional wisdom, and Carnivore Health posts Lex Rooker's Q&A regarding all forms of fibre, right down to seemingly innocent leafy greens.

The Weston A. Price Foundation is a font of information, and I am slowly making my way through the wealth of knowledge presented on their website. Two good starting points relevant to zerocarb: Know Your Fats, and The Ethics of Eating Meat: A Radical View by Charles Eisenstein, thoughts which ring very true to my own ideology, especially growing up on a sheep and cattle farm.

Other than that, I've been spending time on the Zeroing In On Health forum, learning from more experienced peers. As independent as I am, it's very helpful to read the experiences and ideas of other carnivores. It's also an excellent boredom battler - when I'm reminiscing upon the fragrance and tastiness of my pumpkin soup, I can read a ZC'er wax lyrical upon the many virtues of the ribeye steak. Yum!


Michelle said...

reading with interest. are you eating eggs? butter? whole health source advocates both for vit k2...? also, are you counting calories/how many are you eating? how do you figure out how many calories you need to eat on this type of diet? how long do you plan to do this? i found ZIOH a while ago but never truly went zc because i would get too bored after a few days. a life without salad? seems extreme! can't you get most of the benefits with VLC?

Jezwyn said...

Wrote up a response to your questions, and it was so long that I've decided to make it a stand-alone post so others can find the answers easily. Thanks for your interest; it's great to prompt reflection, especially when I'm supposed to be paying attention in a long staff meeting :P

Anonymous said...

Who's your butcher Jezwyn? I've been looking for pure meat sausages but can't find any at the supermarkets or Victoria Market.

Jezwyn said...

Balwyn Biodynamic & Organic Meats, on Belmore Rd.