Friday, July 24, 2009

Carnivore: Day 9

On the basis of the last week's results, I have decided to up my calorie target to 2000, which in broad strokes means I'll just be eating until I'm full, up to three times per day. I'll be adding more fat (lard, etc) to help boost my count and my satiety. But it's important to note that I don't calculate any of my figures until after dinner, when I log all my food, so while my target has shifted, my regimen has not, so sometimes I'll miss that target. I hope to learn what 2000kcal looks like quite quickly - from last week, I suspect it's just what I've been naturally consuming.

Anyway, today was practically a perfect game in that respect, and boy am I full! (Oh, I ate dinner four hours ago, just by-the-by...)

Breakfast: two lamb forequarter chops - yummy, my favourite, and fattier than usual! Oh, I wish I could find an organic supplier of this cut, it's just divine. And super-cheap at the conventional supermarket. It'll have to remain occasional for now though, to avoid the growth hormones etc. :(

Lunch: a chicken breast/wing quarter from the roast chook last night. There weren't any clean forks in the staffroom, so I camped out and my desk and ripped it to pieces with my hands. :) No time to photograph it. I'll just assume you know what a chicken breast and wing, covered with succulent, seasoned skin looks like...

Dinner - Entree: I made grilled barramundi fillet for the boy, so had some for myself while my dinner roasted, and served with a few anchovies. It's not pretty, but it was damn tasty:

Dinner - Main Course: cooked up a whole pack of chicken drumsticks since our freezer is chockers and yet I'm picking up my pig fat tomorrow, ready to render it, so I needed to make a space. Coated the drumsticks in fat, and a sprinkling of thyme:

To my delight, some excess fat ran off and out of the drumsticks and fried up into tasty 'crisps' across the tray. Yum! I'll definitely have to try and replicate their wonder!

Tomorrow night I'm off to a cocktail ball, and I plan to wear a slinky black dress... A big step for me! Fortunately, it's very low-cut, so hopefully I can distract eyes away from my remaining bulges by popping a boob out if absolutely necessary... I'm hoping that whatever meat they serve won't be basted in sugar - I am planning to eat something before I go, not too much (to avoid the cobra-swallowed-a-mouse outline), but I'd still like to eat at the function. The boy has sent an enquiry into the matter, so fingers crossed... But going by the place's usual menu (there's no function menu online), there's rib eye and Filet Mignon and all manner of fish and veal and other meaty goodies, so I'll probably be ok as long as I can ask them to hold the sauce. Wish me luck (both for eats and for my first outing in stilettos in a long time!)


Funni said...

lucky you that can get lamb that cheap! over here (Sweden) it's one of those more expensive meats, and even though it's my fave I only buy it when on discount...

I love the waiters expression every time I go out all dressed up, usually ordering a huge steak with loads of butter (not margarine!). Also I always finish the goodies that my friends leave.

Suppose I look more like one of those who orders a salad, with the nonfat dressing on the side.

Jezwyn said...

Time for you to move to Australia! ;)

Can't wait to be slim and gorge on meat in public :D Still a few pounds to go; I still look like someone the stereotypical person who indulges in whatever they want.

Oh, and I just found organic lamb forequarter chops on my meat-hunting expedition today!!! Woohoo!!

Shelley said...

I have been enjoying following your carnivore experiment. I am impressed at how long long you have been able to go and with apparent ease! I know that some people eat like this their whole lives but I'm not sure I could handle the psychological challenge. It also seems a little strange to me to not eat fresh fruits or vegetables, but I'll be the first to admit that I haven't looked into it very much and am pretty uninformed on the topic. I have added you to my blopgroll and will continue to follow you with interest. How are you feeling? Are you exercising during this experiment? Do you miss fruits and veggies or do you feel like you could go on like this?

Jezwyn said...

Hi Shelley! I do miss fruit & veg in a psychological sense, but my body doesn't react to the thought of them any more. In the first couple of days of the experiment, my mouth would water at the mere thought of cabbage or zucchini, but no more. Now I just remember how much I liked the variety, but I don't have a clear recollection of the flavours, so no physiological response. Now I'm filling the variety void with a range of different meats - I'm particularly enjoying playing with a range of seafood, although I'm not terribly keen on fish beyond salmon.

I feel great, honestly. I don't have any particular mood swings or energy fluctuations, I don't find myself obsessing about food, I'm experiencing some great physiological benefits such as hair and skin improvement, and my digestion hasn't changed at all.

I walk to and from work, and I'm on my feet for most of the day, especially if I have Drama classes, so that's my low-intensity exercise. I also lug a tub of books etc everywhere I go at work, which tends to work my entire body as my arms get fatigued over the course of the day. I also have to move tables and chairs at the start of almost every class, so those two activities make up my strength training. I have wanted to incorporate sprints and other HIIT into my life now that the weather is starting to lift and my soul doesn't shudder at the thought of going outside in running pants, but I'm still waiting for my Vibram FiveFingers to arrive, and now that I've started this experiment, I don't want to confound the variables by altering my routine just yet.

I certainly feel that I could go on eating just meat, but I'm not yet at the point where I want to. I have a lot of years of eating ahead of me, so while I don't know where my head will be in a fortnight's time (at the end of the current set duration of the experiment), I would suggest at this point that I'll add eggs and some dairy back into the regular mix, with some veggies and occasional fruit and nuts. My old Primal way of eating, but with fewer veggies etc. Maybe two out of three meals will be meat-only... We'll see!

Thanks for your comment! What's your way of eating?

Shelley said...

Thanks for the nice reply. Interesting that you don't clearly recall the flavors of the fruits and vegetable you used to eat. It reminds me of when you haven't seen somebody in a long time and start to forget the subtle aspects of their features.

At least where I am, Vibrams are on backorder until September most everywhere. I guess they are having a hard time keeping up with demand. I was lucky enough to snag a pair in June. You will love them. Very comfy and fun to wear - make you want to break out into a run for no good reason.

I have been eating primal (a la Primal Blueprint) since roughly the beginning of the year. I still include some dairy since I have no problems digesting it. I've lost 12 lbs, most if not all fat. I feel healthier now than I ever have. As a parent and a nursing student interested in health issues who also likes to cook, I decided to start a blog about eating/living primal. Come on over for a visit when you get a chance -

Jezwyn said...

My vibrams have been shipped (sprints and KSOs) - had to pull some strings at the company, but they're on their way ;) Can't wait!

I'm now following your blog! Lovely lay-out. I had to keep mine simple since I know people who are still on dial-up. Gotta love rural living in Australia.