Friday, July 31, 2009

Today's Tucker (Zero Carb Edition) - 31/07/09

Tomorrow, the full round-up, I promise! My mornings have been a blur of late, with long days of work, and events in the evenings... Thank goodness for a nice, empty weekend ahead of me! (Admittedly, it's already filling up quickly!)

Adding in more eggs today, and a teeny bit of cheddar cheese...

Breakfast: two fried eggs, bacon, and anchovies!

Lunch: two lamb sausages

Dinner: beef eye fillet (medium-rare, divine!), and cheeseburgers of beef mince and egg, topped with cheddar). Very happy to still have meat as the main event in the meal as I test my reactions to the other primal food groups (plus low-carb dairy).

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