Saturday, August 29, 2009

Carnivore II: Day 3

Yay, the scales are showing improvement - guess the water weight is finally leaving me, in the face of the BCP, nut & fruit binges, and my cold! I love living as a carnivore!!

Breakfast: More like lunch really, since it was past noon... Organic lamb chops, and bacon!

Lunch: A remaining chunk of my basil cheddar (exploiting the weekend dairy & egg allowance, although I wasn't really wanting anything but meat), followed later by some pure cream to up the dietary fat intake.

Dinner: Roast pork!! And, boy oh boy, am I good at roasting pork or what??! Just check out the gorgeous piece of meat and its perfect crackling I removed from the oven...

And after letting it rest, check out the perfect juiciness and stability of the meat...

And here's my share of the feast - with the boy's share of the crackling on the side!

Had to toss most of the lean after devouring the crackling and the fat - it's the one roast meat I can't stand cold the next day. Which reminds me - gotta enjoy some more beef and lamb roasts before spring weather kicks into gear!


Sue said...

Yum, all the meat looks good.

Hey, I know that you are a teacher so thought you would like this:
Tom Naughton's daughter had to do a family tree:

Jezwyn said...

Thanks, Sue! Yep, I subscribe to Tom's blog, and was very touched by his girl's choice. If only every family was that way, starting kids on healthy eating from the beginning, then maybe there wouldn't be kids wandering around with 1.25L coke bottles and big bags of chips for recess at my secondary school!! Ewww... My dream? Kids walking around with roasted chicken drumsticks in one hand, and a container of salad with nuts and cheese and hard boiled egg in the other! :)