Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Today's Tucker (Very Low Carb Edition) - 25/08/09

Breakfast: Scotch fillet steak, yum!!


That's right, all for me! But I left the breasts for the beau.

Snacked on my favourite basil cheddar a bit later - the perfect end to a looong day!


Gwennie said...

Heh. I ate three fourths of a bird like that a few days ago, too. Yum!

I remember there was a time when I could make a chicken that size last for two meals for a family of four, stretched out with junk like rice and mashed potatoes. Not anymore.

darthgumby said...

Wow, you're my new hero. All meat all the time, huh? That's awesome. You're like the anti-vegetarian. You're still getting all your health requirements though, right?

Jezwyn said...

Yep, Darth - all of our health requirements by the sun, fresh water, and animals living in their natural environment, consuming their natural diet.

I'm still flexible with my eating (although I'm going carnivore again for a while, started with BACON this morning!), but if you want to get in touch with an expert in the strict Zero Carb regime (essentially, jut beef and water for him!) check out Charles Washington's blog - http://blog.zeroinginonhealth.com/?page_id=168

And if you look back through my posts, I completed a two-week carnivorism experiment not long ago - look for posts titled "Carnivore: Day ..." for details regarding what I ate and the research backing my experiment. I have only never felt better than I did on all meat, so I think I'll head back there, especially after recent nut-binge issues!