Friday, August 7, 2009

Today's Tucker (Very Low Carb Edition) - 07/08/09

Thank goodness this week is over!! I have so much correction I should do this weekend, but I had a dummy-spit and left it all at school. Mum's visiting anyway, so I have to play hostess.

Breakfast: Lard-fried eggs and bacon

Lunch: Small tin of tuna - I had planned to skip lunch again, but today was freezing cold and as a result I was all out of energy by lunchtime. Shivering really takes it out of you!

Dinner - Entree: Cabbage sautéed in coconut oil, and some raw fennel, plus a bit of Camembert (kinda forgot in my hunger that I was avoiding dairy, oops).

Dinner - Main: Took Mum out to Kouzina at Westfield Doncaster for their mixed grill platter, with a side of wilted chickory (Horta)

Avoided everything non-primal, of course: only tasted the meatballs, and tried a bit of the spiced sausage although I'm sure it's full of filler. Managed to finagle both quarters of the chicken for myself though ( whatever happened to the spatchcock they usually serve?!?) and the lamb and beef kebabs hit the spot... Ah, yum! Shame the service is utterly pathetic. Presentation of meals was more timely than usual, but this time we had the additional oddness of a touchy-feely waiter who would pat my beau's shoulder or rub his back every time he wanted to 'check how we were going'. I rather expected him to cop a pinch on the arse on the way out.

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