Friday, August 7, 2009

Today's Tucker (Very Low Carb Edition) - 06/08/09

Oops, have fallen behind - it's been a long week...

Breakfast: Two eggs and some bacon, friend in lard

Decided to skip lunch since I was busy and keen to get my caloric intake in check.

Dinner - Entree: Raw fennel, and cabbage sautéed in coconut oil.

Dinner - Main: Chicken drumsticks and beef scotch fillet (or as it's known internationally, rib eye steak)

Then - a lovely stroll/sprint in my brand-spanking-new Vibram Fivefingers!! The fates aligned and gave me the only warm evening in recent memory - it's been a terribly cold winter!

The black KSOs:

And my most treasured, highly-anticipated purchase in months - my fuschia Sprints!! But lookit, on the big toe - a hole??!! Argh!! And I had them shipped in from the US, so now I'm trying to get in touch with my supplier (NYKayak) to get a replacement pair... Words cannot express how devastated I am that they are damaged! So expensive, and took so long to come into stock, and now I'm afraid to wear them lest the hole becomes bigger, and I can't afford to ship them back so I have to hope that NYKayak reimburses me the shipping fee so I can send them back (it's AU$70 shipping!) to be replaced!

Does anyone have any advice lest NYKayak refuses to help me?

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Sasquatch said...

I would write Vibram and ask them what to do. My brother had a pair of the KSO's that did the same thing. Vibram was really cool about replacing them, of course this was in the US so it might be a different story. It never hurts to try though.