Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mamma Mia, Italian Sausage!!

Pure animal, in tasty sausage form!

So many potential sausage-fueled breakfast options - who can stop at just one?

Breakfast #1:

Breakfast #2 (okay, some call it 'lunch' but whatevs...):

The sausage slices are hiding inside... :)

Then off to the theatre, with a dinner of roast lamb and roast pumpkin pre-show:

Tasty, but it could have done with, I dunno, some Italian sausage...


Yummy Gatherer said...

WOW! That sausage looks delicious!!!

theresa said...

Is that regular old Italian sausage? Doesn't that qualify as a processed product? I'm confused!

Jezwyn said...

"Regular old Italian sausage"? Depends on your context and definition. If that refers to minimally processed pork, not cured and with no additives except spices, then yes. 'Processed product' would suggest lots of added salt, possibly sugar, highly heat-treated, etc. That's not what this is. I explained this in the previous post. :)