Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Today's Tucker (Very Low Carb Edition) - 04/08/09

Breakfast: One egg omelet, filled with ham and a little feta.

Lunch: a tin of Alaskan salmon at work, and then a little snack of Camembert and lumpfish caviar at home (only a taste of each)

Dinner: Grilled chicken fillets, served atop cos lettuce, with fried egg yolk and parmesan mixture. Also cut up a little Camembert cheese as anti-croutons. Splashed with a drip of lemon juice.

Meanwhile, Mark Sisson is pulling a Jonny Bowden-esque challenge (except free!) for those who might need a bit of motivation when it comes to sticking with the Primal Blueprint. His Primal Blueprint Health Challenge has been designed to encourage communication between Primal eaters, via the forum on Mark's site. He'll have a few little contests running throughout the 30 days of the challenge, with prizes deliverable to US entrants only, 90% of the time. I've created a journal there, to participate in the challenge, but I'll just be listing my food and exercise in a brief way, for the interest of newbies who may browse the journals for food ideas. I doubt mine will be looked at though, considering the sheer wealth of participants already enthusiastically pouring their days into the forum. I already have a suitable outlet, of course :) And I don't need any motivation to stick to eating Primal; however I have recently set myself some new goals (always dynamic, forever updating, of course):

I want to reign in my caloric intake now that I'm done with the 'eating more' phase of the carnivore diet. Cheese is very tempting, and to be eating as much food as I was last week, when some of it might be cheese, is a problem. Today's plan seemed to work - a small breakfast (that one egg version of The Usual barely cleared 300kcal, and was very satisfying!), tinned fish (or other meat only) for lunch, and a larger dinner.

I will not use vegetables as a side dish - it's still too soon to tell, but the scales and my gut tell me that even the small amount of cabbage and zucchini I had last night have not been terribly well received by my intestines! So I will include vegetables as core parts of recipes, but if the main event (usually meat) doesn't involve plants, they won't be served. This frees me up to keep inventing exciting primal recipes, without the grind of choking down insoluble fibre just because it's there. I will not be averse to a little lettuce leaf or herb as a garnish though :)

More red meat. It's time to order my next supply from Organic Direct, which will be delivered in two weeks. In the meantime, I'm still stocking up through the local Bio-Dynamic/Organic Butcher, but the prices are higher there (Beef Eye Fillet - $46/kg Organic Direct, $55/kg Belmore Rd Meats). And Organic Direct is even cheaper if you buy a set pack, or half/whole beast, but I don't have the freezer space, so I pick what I want through the custom order form. I really want a big freezer...

Gotta start backing off on the dairy again now. I'm in the trap of permissiveness - now that I am not restricting the food group as a whole, my body wants more of it. I have excellent self-control, but I seem to have left it in my other handbag...

And lastly, I want to make some nice hot crockpot meals before the weather turns Spring-side. I bought a bloody French oven, I better bloody use it!

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