Friday, August 21, 2009

Today's Tucker (Very Low Carb Edition) - 04/08/21

Breakfast: Another generous breakfast to last me through til dinnertime - Porterhouse steak, and scrambled cheesy eggs

Dinner - Entree: Scallops stir-fried in coconut oil, garlic, rosemary, parsley & hot chili powder. Serve with baby spinach.

Dinner - main: Porterhouse steak and roast chicken.

Fabulous seeing the scales moving in the right direction again, especially with swimwear shopping filling my morning tomorrow! And then it's off to spend a couple of days down in Sorrento with the family. Fingers crossed we go out to places that serve excellent steaks!

Meanwhile, Don at Primal Wisdom has been doling out some well-evidenced and researched articles regarding fruit & vegetables, looking at whether we need fiber at all, and also examining "beneficial" phytochemicals. His work and honesty is all the more significant given his own published book, The Garden of Eating, contains many vegetables and fruits. Just goes to show how dynamic our understanding of the world needs to be if we are to remain open-minded and unselfish. I'm so glad that I have access to the work of someone as grounded, unselfish, and objective as Don, and not just because it helps me feel better about cutting back on my carbs. Of course, we all favour information which supports our own wishes and beliefs, but I would never have tried VCL, Zero Carb, or especially carnivorism had this kind of information not been widely available and ever more frequently asserting itself. Definitely material worth thinking about, and definitely a blog worth following.

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Gwennie said...

Mmmm... scallops.

I agree about Don Matesz. He would have had a financial incentive for -not- posting about his present convictions in his blog, but he does it anyhow. His post yesterday was so well researched, I am still slowly making my way through it. I don't want to miss anything.