Monday, August 24, 2009

Today's Tucker - A Touch o' Penance

It took a long time for any kind of hunger to hit me today. I resolved not to eat anything until my body told me that it had finished metabolising everything I had eaten over the weekend. Apparently, probably thanks in part to the freezing weather today, it was ready for more energy at 3:15pm, so I ate more basil cheese. Yum!

I was stuck at work until 7:30pm, but when I finally arrived home I threw some organic beef chuck steak on the grill, and whipped up some scrambled eggs with Parmesan and parsley:

Later I had a little haloumi since it was on it's last day of freshness, and some cream to get my fat intake up. But even so, I've left a decent caloric deficit, sans hunger, to hopefully get my weekly average back in balance. I've decided to watch my calories quite strictly during the week, with minimal carbs and no nuts or fruit, and then on the weekends I can have small amounts of nuts and fruit if I want. Since resuming my BCP I've noticed diminished self-control around nuts in particular, so it's best not to have any open packets in the house at all. I'd like to clear out of the freezer of all berries, but we stocked up when they were on special, so that will take a while! In the meantime, rules will help negate temptation! And here's hoping that the occasionally button or two of 100% chocolate will get me through my bad week of the month, now that I have those again. Damn you, PCO!

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