Thursday, August 27, 2009

Getting Back On The Bacon Train!

I have been struggling through this first month back on the BCP, trying not to get down in the face of water retention, hormonal flip-flops, weakened self-control (seriously, I'm like a warrior on a normal day, but now I can't have nuts in my house...), and only one weigh-in day showing a sub-80kg weight! I'm trying to avoid the scale at the moment since seeing a 81.5kg-82kg figure come up just makes me want to burn all my pills and let my PCO do whatever it wants!

But, in the meantime, I have been tempted by the memory of how good I felt during my Carnivore experiment, and am hoping that getting back on the bus will help me regain my iron willpower and feeling of wellness. The plan: meat only during the week, adding in eggs and zero-carb dairy on the weekends if I want. And since I have a freezer freshly filled with organic beef, lamb, chicken and kangaroo, I'm all set!

So, my breakfast this morning - bacon! I was running late, so I whacked 200g on the grill, and let it cook slowly while I showered and blow-dried and applied make-up, and dressed (not necessarily in that order...)

Didn't need lunch, so when I arrived home (5:30pm) I cooked up a little more bacon, and some minced beef:

I have to start serving that on a plate, it really doesn't photograph well in deep bowls...

Fear not, the dinner I made for the boy will lift this post from snoring to roaring! Big call, I know, but it is my pleasure to present, for the first time, my Chicken Enchiladas!

Recipe: Chicken Enchiladas


4 chicken thighs
4 eggs
2T pure cream
1t butter
100g feta cheese
1 tomato
3T grated Parmesan cheese
1T chopped parsley
Dash of chilli powder


1. Roast chicken thighs slowly in a moderately hot oven.

2. Beat eggs and cream in a small jug. Melt butter in a large, flat frying pan over moderate heat. Pour 1/3 of the egg mixture into the pan, and cook until top starts to set.

3. Remove chicken from oven (leave oven on) and slice thinly. Set aside. Meanwhile, slice feta cheese and dice tomatoes. Set aside with chicken.

4. Flip omelette, and layer feta, tomato and chicken along the centre of the omelette.

5. Once cheese has begun to melt, fold the outside flaps over the fillings, and press down lightly to set in place. Remove from the pan, and place onto oven tray lined with foil.

6. Repeat steps 2-5 twice, to make two more omelettes, placing them on the tray beside #1. Top with sprinkled Parmesan, parsley, and chilli powder.

7. Place in oven, and turn up heat to high.

8. When Parmesan has melted, remove from oven and serve to rave review! Even from the toughest critics...


Matthew said...

yep.. that looks awesome. definitely have to give this one a go!

Penty said...

"I have been struggling through this first month back on the BCP"

BCP? I can't find where you have talked about this.

Jezwyn said...

Matthew, enjoy!! Equally delicious for breakfast the following morning.

Penty - check out BCP = birth control pill.

Anonymous said...

I was on BCP for lack of ovulating, and what is it about hormones that make nuts so damned addictive? The omelette wrap is a great idea! Zero carb causes weird inflammation/immune/allergy-type issues for me. While distressing, the potential underlying mechanisms are at least (somewhat) interesting to consider. I wonder if the organic bacon train would work better for me than the more-protein-rich-yet-not-organic-meat train. Hmm.

- Meeses

Jezwyn said...

Yep, I take my BCP since my ovaries don't release eggs successfully, so the BCP stops them trying at all. Seems like there's a link between estrogen and nut craving, at least for us! Maybe we should do a poll on Twitter...

What's Zero Carb for you? Just meat, or eggs and dairy as well? If you include dairy, could that be what inflames your system? I had a little dairy yesterday, and then ended up in the bathroom for a bit in the evening, but I'm not sure if the two are linked... I'm trying eggs today, but I don't expect any problems there. So meat & eggs might be my perfect diet, although I'm very happy on all-meat.

How long did you try ZC for? When I first tried it, I had 'Atkins Flu' for a couple of days, but it passed quickly and then I felt great. Could it have simply been your system keto-adapting? I hear from others that can take a couple of weeks, and others argue that it takes many months for your system to completely adapt.

"More-protein-rich-yet-not-organic-meat"? Where does this idea come from? Organic meat is often leaner than conventional (corn/grain-fed) meat, and therefore has a higher percentage of protein to fat when similar cuts are compared. That's why I cook everything in lard and eat the fatty portions first, to ensure I don't consume excess protein and end up having to burn the glucose produced through glucogenesis, which is insulinogenic.

We can be carnivore buddies if you ever want to give it another shot :D

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

So I am casting a new food show for a major network and we are looking for a host. Someone who loves food and everything about it! Completely passionate. Also someone who knows great place to eat for less! I cam across your blog and it looks like you would be a great candidate! Let me know if you are interested. Please email at your convenience to chat more.

Kemper Jackson
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Jezwyn said...

Hmm, hi Anon - interesting post to comment on, given its age. Thanks for the offer, but given that I'm in Australia and you're in LA, it doesn't seem terribly realistic, now does it?