Sunday, August 9, 2009

Fasting & Feasting

After last night's late feast at Kouzina, I didn't fancy eating anything, so decided to fast for at least 20 hours. Scored a nice sleep-in, then a trip to the Queen Victoria Market for breakfast/lunch with my Mum and brother - I found Italian pork sausage! Nothing but meat! - where we bought up some seafood, cheese and veggies for this evening's feast. Also bought myself a very cute apron, to off-set the butchness of most of the meals cooked in my kitchen - naturally, I didn't end up wearing it whilst making dinner out of fear of staining it...

Finished the fast at 7pm; a very comfortable 22 hour fast. And even with some generous cheese intake estimations, tonight's feast still fell in around the 1850kcal zone (I aim for between 1500kcal and 1900kcal).

We started with a cheese plate - basil cheddar, double brie, Tilda triplet, and marinated goat's feta - with some smoked salmon and various crackers. I didn't partake in any cheese until after dinner (pushing the fast for as long as feasible), and then I ate it by itself. Basil cheddar is amazing. And there are leftovers. Oh yes.

Entree: oysters with ham and cheddar/edam, and prawns

Main event: Salmon with lemon & dill cream sauce (the same as I prepared a few days ago with rainbow trout), and cooked/sautéed beetroot, beet greens, cabbage, fennel & carrot, topped with raspberry 'sauce' (very similar to my Warm Beet Medley Salad but slightly less combined).

Downed it all, plus cheese, in two hours, so I feel like I feasted properly!! I'm tempted to fast again tomorrow, but if it's going to be intermittent, I'd better not... I'm avoiding nuts at the moment, but somehow I expect my arm will be twisted by my visitor to make almond pancakes tomorrow... Let's see how the mood strikes me!

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