Monday, August 31, 2009

Carnivore II : Day 5 - Bacon, Eggs & Chicken! (Almost Deja Vu!)

A very similar day today to yesterday, in terms of carnivore cuisine. Decided to keep eggs as part of my normal carnivore weekday plan for this week, since they went well yesterday and I'd like to see what results they have on my satiety.

Breakfast (at 8am): Bacon and three eggs, fried in butter ( there were only supposed to be two, but I dropped the carton as I was putting it back into the fridge, and the top edge of once shattered, so I had to add it to the pan)

This breakfast kept me going all day, despite my lingering sniffles, cold weather, and long day. I did notice a Babybel in my bag when I was hunting for my phone, so I decided to eat it at 2pm to ensure I wasn't struggling with hunger before my day ended at 6pm. It was probably a good move, especially with the cold weather, and by 6pm I was tasting the first tingles of ketosis breath (yay, it's been a while!), so it obviously didn't affect my fat-burning!

Dinner (at 7:30pm): Roast chicken! The boy loves breasts (*cough*) so I let him take what he wanted, and I ate the rest... Ate a bit too much, am very full, but I don't think I've gone over my calorie aims, so that's good! I've only been eating when I have wanted to, without watching the calories too much while I fight this bug, but I've remained in the 1500 - 2000 zone every day since going carnivore again. A testament to how satisfying this lifestyle is!

Along with my little sprint session yesterday, I did some dumbbell work at my desk last night, and boy am I feeling it today?! No real pain, just some stiffness in my shoulders, and a sudden awareness of my thighs and glutes after all those squats! Lovely!

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