Friday, August 14, 2009

Mini-Experiment: Upping The Fruit & Veg

Two long days of work, peppered with the irritation of having to organise my passport application, but thanks to a good diet and keeping on my feet, I've hardly ever felt stressed. Just a little fatigued thanks to dropping an hour from my usual sleeping time. I'll be making up for it tonight, although I'll want to get up an enjoy the promise of a warm day tomorrow!


Breakfast: a lamb sausage, a fried egg, and a little bit of haloumi

Lunch: a lamb sausage, and a leftover lamb chop

Dinner: grilled veg, duck sausage, & a porterhouse steak at Charcoal Grill On The Hill in Kew

All good thus far - lots of lamb, a few primal veggies, and an amazing, perfectly prepared steak! However, my day was lacking in fat, so I decided to take in a rare dessert - stewed blueberries, a blob of cream, and a sprinkling of walnuts


I realised that it had been a significantly long time since I had eaten any fruit, and really my vegetable intake had been around the 20g net carb mark at most, though it had been creeping up over the past few days. So I decided that today I would try pumping it up to 50g, using just fruit & veg, just to see whether I'd notice any digestion changes... We'll see...

Breakfast: small handful of walnuts (the only fibre I could grab on my rush out the door)

Lunch: a Babybel round (a surprise tucked away in my deli shelf from my last dinner party), and some more walnuts.

Dinner - Entree: cabbage sautéed in coconut oil

Dinner - Main: roast chicken rubbed with my homemade lard, scrambled eggs with thyme, a roast fennel bulb and a heft of roast zucchini!

Dessert: thawed blueberries and a dollop of pure cream

Totals: 1550kcal, 65g carb, 24g fibre (41g net carb). Not a crazy amount, but lots for me - I feel like I've been eating veg all night! So we'll see if I get hunger pangs later, or wake up with low blood sugar... That's if I can even recognise the sensations; it's been many months since I craved any carbs!

Meanwhile, Ryan Robitaille from Low Carb Fight Club made my day (week, month...) by listing me in his link love post, 5 Quality Low Carb & Primal Peeps to Follow on Twitter, along with Mark Sisson and Dr. Michael Eades! And there are a LOT of people in the primal Twitter community! Thanks, Ryan!!

My favourite part - Ryan's description of what I do on Twitter and on my blog:

Great primal blogger, food experimenter, carnivorous Chef and all-around Aussie Sensation.

I can live with that! (But can I live up to it...?)

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Dana Law said...

Thank you for the specific things you're eating. I do Crossfit and it has the exact things you do in each workout. Very helpful.
I love Mark's Daily Apple but we only manage to get in a couple of recipes a week. Most of the time we need simple ideas that don't take a lot of time in our busy lives.
Keep up the posts. I appreciate them.
Dana Law
San Diego, California
P.S. Check out the Magic for Life program I do on the website.
P.P.S. Love how the members of the former British Empire say "Veg"