Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Recipe: Roo vs. Moo - The Burger-Off

In my local supermarket, I found this:

Affordable, with ticks in all the boxes (except it being low in fat - read: cook it with lots of lard!)

The beau screwed up his nose at it, so I decided to buy it and have a taste test between the roo mince and the only source of organic beef mince available to us between Organic Direct deliveries (coming this weekend, woohoo!):


500g beef mince
500g kangaroo mince
2 eggs
1 brown onion, diced
1t garlic
1t parsley
1t thyme
1t cinnamon
2T lard
1T coconut oil


Preheat oven to 180°C. Line two trays with baking paper.

Sautée diced onion in coconut oil. Add garlic and stir until fragrant. Remove from heat and evenly divide mixture into two large mixing bowls.

In one mixing bowl, add the kangaroo meat and half of the remaining ingredients. Stir well.

And in the other, the beef mince and the rest of the ingredients, and stir.

Heat some extra lard in a ceramic frying pan. Create burgers by grabbing handfuls of meat mix, squish it into a ball, then gently press it into a flattened burger patty shape. Fry in pan until browned, flip, and brown other side. Then place on lined tray. Repeat until tray is full, and then place in oven. Bake until cooked through.

I kept the roo and the beef burgers separate, in order to see whether the boy could pick the difference. Well yes, he could, since the kangaroo meat was delicious and utterly flavourful, unlike the comparably bland beef!

Smaller ones are the beef, larger are roo. Served with a little vintage Australian cheddar. I could only stomach one of the beef burgers after my first taste of roo, and went back into the kitchen to make a mega-burger with some of the remaining roo:

Made another mega-burger, all set for breakfast tomorrow. Yum!

Other eats today:

Breakfast - two eggs scrambled with a little cheddar.

Lunch - two pizza frittatas.

Snack - Babybel and ham.

Judging by the fact that my digestive system is running with a purr, my body is overjoyed that I've cut the fruit and nuts, and only consumed 3g fibre today (in the pizza frittatas). Tomorrow will be the same, with maybe a little fennel with dinner... Or not, who knows?!


naturoo22 said...

Congrats on being a roo convert :)

Keep working on the recipe and you will be able to drop the lard and have a low fat burger. Kangaroo has only about 2 % fat and what it does have is high in polyunsaturates also Kangaroo is the highest known source of CLA which has been shown to protect against diabetes and some cancers.

naturoo22 said...

Here is a recipe I have for burgers, if you give it a go I'd love to know what you think.

Matthew said...

These burgers definitely do look tasty!!

At the moment I have been trying to obtain around 60% of my calories from fat, so I think the lard will definately stay in the recipe :)

Just finished reading your blog from start to finish!! Really is top quality and is nice to see another Australian following primal principles! My friends and family seem to think it's crazy to live almost exclusively on meat and eggs, but I love it.

Jezwyn said...

Naturoo - Thanks for finding my blog (through Google?) and taking the time to comment, but a low fat diet is unhealthful. If you do care to browse through the rest of my blog, you'll see that, like Matthew, I aim for a minimum of 60% of my calories to come from fat, with the rest coming from protein (less than 5% from carbs). And I was quite distressed when I entered the fat breakdown into Spark - so much coming from PUFA's, hardly any monos or saturates (the healthy fats). So I will certainly be compensating with healthy fats when making kangaroo my protein source!

Hi Matthew, and welcome! Very impressed that you read every entry (or perhaps I'm just envious of your free time!). I was reflecting the other day upon how the blog is fixed in time, even though my ideas have changed over time, and whether I need to address those changes or hope that people consider post dates when appreciating content... What do you think? I haven't changed my ideas that much yet, but who knows what the future holds... Obviously I won't be changing from healthy, primal eating, but what that actually means to me may well change (the carb issue already has, for instance!).

Do you have a blog?

Matthew said...

Well I wouldn't be envious of my free time. I'm just great at procrastination and now have a lot of work to catch up on :)

Maybe you could update your about me description to reflect your current approach/ideals about diet and nutrition. Then, if people like, they can look back at your previous posts to see what those ideas have evolved from. At least that way people might stop telling you how to eat less fat :)

Personally I think that the way you eat has evolved in very similar ways to mine. I come from a scientific background and after reading information from Michael Eades and Gary Taubes I simply couldn't argue with the science behind this way of eating.

No blog for me, but seeing as I got a nice welcome here you may find me commenting in the future!

GiGi said...

Where do you get kangaroo! I want to try it so badly... I am obsessed with exotic meat!