Thursday, August 20, 2009

Today's Tucker (Very Low Carb Edition) - 20/08/09

Breakfast: In a word - juicy!

Mmm, lamb forequarter chops fried in lard at 7:30am, beautiful! And when was I next experiencing any form of hunger?

5:30pm: tiny tin of tuna in water.

Dinner: Kangaroo steak, thinly sliced, served on red cabbage sautéed in coconut oil and grated zucchini sautéed in butter.

Definitely keeping kangaroo in my repertoire, although I had to have some veggies (was going to have a carnivore day) to use as fat vehicles! I have more roo arriving tomorrow, including diced steak, so I'll try roo & feta kebabs to up the fat a bit. And there's more mince coming, begging to be layered into egg & roo pattie brekkies! Lots more playing to come!

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