Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Working Weekend. Yay.

Once every two months or so, this VCE Literature & VCE English Language teacher has to write-off a weekend to mark major assessment tasks. The good part - I love my job, I love the subject, and I love my kids and their enthusiasm for my subject and the texts. The neutral part - one of my classes ain't so crash hot, so marking their work can be pretty painful. The bad part - I like being lazy on the weekend! I don't want to feel like I was productive, pfftcha! But I'm doing well - finished off one lot (the weak class) yesterday, and have made a start on class number two today (the brilliant group, and they are creative pieces, joy!!)... Let's ignore the fact that I'm here right now instead of pouring over the next in a huge pile of papers...

The food that got me through yesterday's slog (after a very generous sleep-in!):

Breakfast/Lunch - two lamb chops and some scrambled eggs

Dinner - chicken Caesar salad with leftover dark meat, cos lettuce, grated carrot, anchovies, and a little Parmesan cheese

Today's breakfast/lunch (yes, another sleep-in) - The Usual!

There will be more food today, but I'll save it for another post, since I'm cooking up some exciting treats for a mate who is visiting - yay for movie night!

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