Friday, October 23, 2009

Day Five of The Six Week Cure

Recovery Day #2 - much more successful, far less stressful. I didn't have to leave the house. I bathed in lovely sunlight while spending time with the cavy boys. And I finally tried a coconut protein shake! Plus, I'm already down half a kilo - possibly more since I'm still full of the half-kilo of steak from last night!

I stuck to dairy for the first shake of the day, laced with leucine.

Then I opened up the can of coconut cream, to discovered the contents had completely separated, leaving the thick white meat at the top of the can and the water trapped below. I scooped out 30g of the meat and plopped it into the shake, adding some raw cacao in case the flavour was too intense. After whipping madly, the coconut still stayed primarily separated, but the taste was good enough to allow the leftover meat to be swept up and licked off a finger. Then it was left up to time to see how my body would react... Well, there were some stomach pangs shortly thereafter, and a few hours later another mild reaction emerged... But all in all, not as bad as the other coconut cream tests! However, I think I'll stick to dairy cream, since my body prefers it, and it's only for 9 more days!

Shake number three was back to a lovely creamy vanilla shake!


Scotch fillet, bacon, and two fried eggs - yum!

Organic Direct arrives with my new beef steaks & roasts, lamb chops, chicken thighs and other goodies tomorrow!! I'm definitely ready for my meat weeks!

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