Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Six Week Cure - One Week Down!

I'll be weighing in tomorrow to give a starting point for Week 2, but overall the average for this week has been a small loss, back to where I was pre-Thailand. I feel very sleek as well, although I'm starting to suspect that my body resents all the dairy... I will be happier this time next week, with nothing but meat ahead of me!

The first two shakes of the day finished off my Natural Factors protein powder mix, which meant I was going to have to tackle a DIY mix for shake three and beyond! I have mixed up a new canister of the following:

1kg Professional Whey WPC
64g leucine powder (there is already some in the protein powder, so this addition brings each 40g serving up to 7g leucine)
8g organic ground vanilla (more for the aroma than flavour)

To this afternoon's shake, I added 1/4 teaspoon stevia - too much! To the average person, it wouldn't have tasted all that strong, but I swear the sweetness damn near blinded me! Glad I didn't add it to the canister without trialling first. I will go without sweetener if possible, if the powder tastes okay. We'll see how I go tomorrow morning...

I had looked forward to dinner all day - another brie omelette, and a scotch fillet steak, to eat whilst sitting in the glow of the sunset...

The omelette went down easily, but I was sensing some serious satiety signals before I'd made much of a start on the meat. So I stopped! It's a good sign that the protein shake kept me full; that will help me get through tomorrow. But that gorgeous meat going to waste - I can hardly stand it!

All in all, that first week hasn't been difficult, though it has been a bit boring. Roll on Week 2...


Anonymous said...

HEY GIRL GONE: What a good blog. By the way are you Primal Mama? I am new to the low-carb lifestyle. Is Prima lifestyle the same as low-carb? I am like you, i have been cutting starches, and fruits from diet. my only carbohydrates are green vegetables at lunch. and i feel better, even less depressed. I think that low-carb diets have anti-depressant qualities.

Any ways take care


Jezwyn said...

Hi M-S! Nope, I'm not Primal Mama, I'm Girl Gone Primal! Primal is low-carb in that we too cut back on grains, sugars and starches, but Primal eliminates those foods completely (although some folks allow potatoes) whereas some low-carbers allow those foods up to a certain carb count. Also, low-carbers tend to restrict their carb count below the average Primal eater, but it depends on who you talk to. Primal tends to be anywhere between zero and 150g carbs (inc fibre), whereas low-carb is usually lower than 100g - still, they're both a heck of a lot lower in carbs than the standard Western diet of 300g+ carbs!

Primal also involves the wider lifestyle aspect as detailed at I am focussed on the nutrition side for now, branching into walking as my primary activity, in my Vibrams! My lifestyle also involves lugging objects around, so that's a start to building strength work into my life.

Your diet sounds wonderful, exactly the kind of eating I prefer. Wandering from my usual eating plan is killing me - bloody dairy protein shakes, ick! I'll be so happy to return to a purely Primal diet!